Paver Patio Materials

We get a lot of questions from prospective clients on what the options are for paver patio materials. So I wanted to create a blog post, with lots of pictures, that showcase a few of the most popular choices we see. Keep in mind, this is NOT the complete list available to clients. Our team prides itself on providing the service and products that our clients desire. I just wanted to showcase a few of the most popular choices here. You can see more examples of the patios that our team has produced by visiting our Gallery page and then clicking on “Patios”.


Anchor Charleston Non-Tumbled

Colors Available: Fieldstone, Mahogany, Northwoods, Walnut, Cambray Tan, and Charcoal


Patterns: A wiiiiiide variety from very traditional, repeated shapes to much more random looking patterns. There are 5 different sizes of stones to use which allows for a lot of ways to rearrange them.

Paver Walkway Minneapolis MN

Why it’s popular: This is a “do it all” stone that’s affordable and versatile. You can get it in a variety of colors and big selection of patterns. It’s not super flashy like some stones but it’s durable and classic. We always prefer the non-tumbled variety of paver stones but especially with the Charleston. The non-tumbled allows for small cracks so the polymeric sand can create a tighter seal in between the stones. We also think it looks more professional when finished.

More information: See the Anchor website.


Anchor Slaton Plus Random

Colors Available: Blu Iron, Northwoods


Patterns: There is only one style of stone laying pattern available. But the stones comes in 6 different random patterns themselves so no two patios will look alike.

Patio Contractors Plymouth MN

Why It’s Popular: This paver stone gives the appearance of natural flagstone and a very random pattern while allowing for easy installation and a solid, durable foundation. Natural flagstone comes in a plethora of different widths and small, individual pieces so creating a full patio out of it is difficult. However, Anchor supplies Slaton Plus Random which gives the look of flagstone but uses stamped concrete pieces that are of uniform width and larger sizes. The larger, predictable paver shapes make the patio last longer without creating undulations. But the random individual stone patterns allow for the natural look that many clients are looking for.

More Information: See the Anchor website.


Rochester Serano

Colors Available: Antique Brown, Santa Fe, Bluestone, Desert, Beechwood

serano paver patio



Why It’s Popular: This is a large format paver stone that’s perfect for a larger patio area. The larger individual stone pieces are more suitable to a larger patio where smaller stone pieces start to make it look very busy. The larger stones also make a larger patio area easy to cover simply because you don’t have to lay as many. The wide variety of pattern choices and colors make it really easy to match the patio or driveway to any style of home, whether that’s contemporary or modern. This is a non-tumbled stone which is sleek and gorgeous the minute it goes in.

More information: See the Rochester website.