Popular Minneapolis Landscape Design Style Ideas

Prospective customers usually have pictures of landscaping that they really like and tend to know what looks good when they see it. Pinterest and Houzz have made finding photos and examples  of beautiful landscaping incredibly easy for clients, so they are more well informed before they come into the design meeting. Most of my customers, whether they know it or not, are looking for a combination of traditional style and the cottage style, with both formal and informal design elements to create the charm and curb appeal they want and love.


Cottage-style landscaping

At KG Landscape in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our landscape design style often takes elements from the various traditional landscape design styles to combine the best qualities of each, especially when working in the confined spaces of smaller lots in the South Minneapolis area. There are two basic schools of landscape design: cottage and formal. A cottage-style landscape, as you can see in the photo above, is very natural and has plants close together to invoke this very natural feel. However, very few people can handle the maintenance and upkeep of a cottage-style garden. When shown pictures of traditional cottage-style landscape design, the average homeowner often loves the flowers, but generally think it looks a bit overwhelming and difficult to maintain.


Formal-style landscaping

Formal landscape design has been around for a very long time (think castles in France and England) and provides a “classy,” clean, and well-maintained look, in contrast with the cottage style. The geometry and symmetry of the plantings are very pleasing to the eye and have a timeless quality. However, strictly formal designs don’t offer a lot of freedom to innovate, can be hard to make work with asymmetrical homes, and usually lack the variety and colors of flowering plants people prefer.


Mix of multiple design styles

We love to combine the cottage, formal, and informal landscape design styles to achieve an elegant, colorful, and relatively easy to maintain landscape, particularly in the front yard to maximize seasonal interest and curb appeal. If you’re interested in seeing what our experience designers and installers can do for your front yard, give us a call at 763-568-7251 or visit our quote page. One of our designers will meet you at your home for a consultation and then go from there!