How Professional Fall Leaf Cleanup Can Help You

There is nothing quite like the look and feel of autumn in Minnesota. As the maple trees change colors and brisk air leads to cozier conditions, some say fall truly is the most magical time of the year here.

The only downside to brightly colored crunchy leaves is the time and energy spent raking, bagging, and disposing of them. Wouldn’t it be lovely to simply enjoy the leaves changing colors without the added hassle of fall lawn care that feels like a chore?

Instead of reaching for your rake this upcoming season, consider calling the professionals to handle fall leaf cleanup. Your hands and back will thank you later. 

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Fall Cleanup

Fall foliage cleanup can be a time-consuming and tedious project. When you enlist the trusted services of a lawn care specialist, you don’t need to spend your precious time and energy to do it yourself. Even if you think you’ll save more money by doing it yourself, remember that your time is precious. Besides, fall foliage cleanup is actually more affordable than you’d think. Leave the hard work to the experts so that you can enjoy it with your loved ones.

Explore some of the many benefits of outsourcing your fall leaf cleanup to professionals below:

  • A thorough inspection of your lawn
  • Optimized curb appeal
  • Reduced risk of injuries, especially for elderly 
  • Maintained health of your lawn
  • Limited reseeding and costly spring repairs
  • Winterization preparation
  • Time and cost-effective 

Make Fall Leaf Cleanup a Breeze

Besides the relief of not needing to do the work yourself, experts have a keen eye for making your lawn look beautiful within your budget. Beyond fall yard cleanup, our team can add lawn aeration for a healthier yard come spring.

Even though a big pile of multi-colored maple tree leaves may bring you an instant dose of serotonin, they can also end up being a tedious chore if you have to clean them yourself. 

From racking to bagging to disposing of your leaves, this process can become cumbersome, especially if you have more than one tree. This process can be even more taxing if you have mobility challenges. By choosing to work with cleanup professionals, your fall cleanup will be a breeze, leaving you more time to engage in all your favorite activities.

Avoid Uncomfortable Health Hazards

A bonus of hiring a professional to clean your fall foliage is that you don’t need to worry about being exposed to what’s lurking in them. Did you know that decaying leaves are perfect habitats for mold to thrive? The last thing you need to deal with is allergy flare-ups or flu-like symptoms from handling moldy leaves. 

Additionally, insects and other rodents like to nest in leaf piles. These vermin carry bacteria and diseases which you don’t want to transfer back into your home accidentally. So, think twice before jumping into those giant leaf piles you collect in your yard.

Maintain Your Grass into Fall

As Minnesotans, we understand that fall can extend well beyond a few weeks. This means that the lawn needs a care plan to continue even after leaves start falling; otherwise, you run the risk of them killing your healthy grass. Excess leaves on your property block out necessary nutrients from the sun and trap moisture. If you don’t regularly remove them from your yard, you run the risk of several issues, including:

  • Needing to reseed dead areas in the spring
  • Dealing with excess mosquitos
  • Plant diseases 
  • A stressed lawn
  • And more 

That’s why it’s essential to plan for at least two to eight leaf cleanup sessions throughout the fall. 

How Does the Process Work?

At KG Landscape, we’re happy to offer leaf removal services to help maintain the health of your lawn and your back. Our process includes raking and mobile vacuuming to scoop up every last bit of leaf debris throughout your yard. We typically will blow leaves into large piles, rake them up to be hauled away, and then finish with a high-powered vacuum to touch up the surrounding flower beds and window sills for a clean, polished look.

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to a good-looking lawn. Instead, ask our lawn care specialist about ways to maintain luscious green grass throughout the fall, thanks to fertilizer and other specialty treatments.

What Happens to Your Collected Leaves?

The Twin Cities boasts many wonderful natural waste recycling centers that collect garden and yard wastes throughout the year. After gathering your yard waste, we will later recycle them to be used for mulch or compost. 

Establish With a Lawn Care Company for Year-Round Lawn Care

When you work with a lawn care specialist to clean up your fall foliage, you create a working relationship with a knowledgeable team. However, as seasons change, you may need services to keep your lawn healthy and weed-free. 

Once you establish with KG Landscape, we then have a comprehensive understanding of your unique landscaping needs and can help you with other lawn care needs throughout the year, including:

  • Weekly Lawn Mowing Services 
  • String Trimming
  • Lawn Clippings Clean-Up
  • Edging
  • Fertilizing and Weed Control
  • Spring and Fall Clean-Ups
  • Slit Seeding
  • Aeration
  • And Everything In-Between

Rest assured that our landscaping professionals will use the latest technology for the best quality for every visit.

Utilize a Lawn Care Company for Your Fall Leaf Cleanup

Destress this fall and give your back a break by letting professionals handle your fall leaf cleanup.

Remember, the lawn maintenance you do in the fall will determine how it will look all winter long. Avoid costly spring cleanups and other lawn care problems by working with the knowledgeable team from KG Landscape. Our professional horticulturists studied at the University of Minnesota’s Agricultural school, so they have an in-depth understanding of how to work with this unique environment. 

Contact us today to get a quick quote from our lawn care specialists!