Pruning Your Bushes in Autumn

Pruning Your Bushes in Autumn

If you believe that beautiful bushes make a beautiful yard, then you want to make sure you’re sticking to a strict autumn pruning schedule. This will ensure healthy hibernation for the winter and great growth for next season! Pruning your bushes and shrubs is just one aspect of a full fall landscape and lawn maintenance checklist.

pruned bushes in the fall

Mid to late October is a great time to start pruning your bushes that have become too large or have grown out of shape. Since the bushes here in our Minneapolis landscapes are going into dormancy, you can prune off more plant material that you would normally be able to during the summer without damaging the plants or having to wait for all summer for the bush to send up new shoots where they have been cut back. This type of rejuvenate pruning can be done while the plant is dormant, because as the plant begins actively growing in the spring, it will send out new buds and shoots where needed to help fill in areas that have been heavily pruned back. Regular landscape maintenance will help keep these types of problems under control. Just make sure you’re well-versed in bush trimming or you can hurt your plants.

Dormant Pruning for Autumn

This type of dormant pruning greatly reduces the risk of injuring the plant and also prevents it from looking funny during the growing season, as it would if you did this type of pruning while the bush already had leaves growing on it. The only downside is that for plants like lilacs, rhododendrons, and azaleas, you can end up trimming off the flower buds that will be blooming this spring. So if you’d rather see this spring’s flowers than get the plant back into shape, wait until after the plant has bloomed to perform regular the pruning and wait until late fall to do any major reshaping of these plants.

Your bushes and shrubs are not the only parts of your landscape. Learn more about getting your lawn ready for the winter here.

If you have any other questions about how to prune your plants, then contact KG Landscape today to get started. Happy pruning!