How Much Does Residential Snow Plowing Cost in Minneapolis?

Shopping for residential snow plow pricing in Minneapolis can be tough to do. Reliable snow removal companies in Minneapolis tend to keep their pricing secretive until you actually give up your information. The snow plow companies do this because the pricing can be so dependent on each individual house and they don’t want other people to know the prices. It’s also tough because a lot of people just don’t know how much this type of service costs at all and it’s tough to get a baseline on how much even a starting price would be. 

That’s why we’re writing this blog post. We want to give all of our potential customers an idea of what residential snow plow pricing will be. Keep in mind, these are general pricing and will be dependent on a lot of different factors we’ll talk about below. But the general pricing can range anywhere from $600 to over $1,400. That’s a huge range, and we know that, but keep reading to see how your house would fall in that range of residential snow plow pricing.

Factors that affect Residential Plowing Pricing

Snowfall Trigger

This depends on each snow removal company in Minneapolis but here at KG Landscape, we offer 1″ snow fall trigger pricing and 2″ snow fall trigger pricing. The 1″ trigger pricing is about 1.5x as much as the 2″ trigger pricing because we assume we will be coming out more often to clear snow. There are quite a few smaller types of snow falls throughout a winter here in the Twin Cities and with a 1″ trigger, you would be covered. Most of our clients just do the 2″ trigger though.


Out of all the factors, this is the one that has the most effect on residential snow plow pricing. Unfortunately, living on a corner city lot with a ton of sidewalks and an alley driveway is just more expensive than a suburban home with an easy driveway and short walkway to the door. The snow removal pricing for a residential home really boils down to the amount of time the plow truck and worker will be at the site. Lots of sidewalks and a hard to clear driveway will make the pricing higher by virtue of the time being longer.

Snow Pile Locations

At some homes, we can just pull up and push the snow to the side. Other locations require us to pull all the snow off the driveway and put it somewhere else in the yard or only stack it in a small area like an alleyway. These types of decisions, and how much time they add, will change the snow removal pricing for a residential home.

Residential Snow Removal Pricing Examples

Suburban Home With Short Walkway

This is the absolute easiest type of residential snow removal pricing to do. The only main pricing factors are the length and width of the driveway. Most driveways are 2-3 cars wide and 2-3 cars long like the example to the right. The typical pricing for this type of driveway with the walkway to the front door included will be around $600-750 for a 2″ trigger. Keep in mind this will change depending on driveway area and if the front walkway is included.

City Corner Lot with Many Sidewalks

This type of home would be the other extreme of residential snow removal pricing from the one above. There are city sidewalks on the front and side plus sidewalks to the house from lots of places. Plus, the driveway doesn’t have a lot of room for snow. This home on a 2″ snow fall trigger would be anywhere from $1,100 to $1,400 depending on the actual amount of sidewalks and driveway, etc.