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The value of landscaping to your home in Richfield, MN can no longer be underestimated. One of the best ways to add significant value to your property is through your landscaping work. Your beautifully designed and landscaped yard is the very first thing anyone who comes to a close proximity of your home first notices. That first impression matters a lot because it may leave a lasting image on the mind of your visitors or passersby. In Richfield, many homeowners are joining the landscaping revolution which has become a national trend. This article discusses the issue of landscaping and why it is very important for you as a homeowner to take these important steps to give your home the beautiful landscaping you have always desired.


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Our Process

At KG Landscape, we model our work and process through some important factors such as;

  • Customer needs
  • Convenience
  • Budget requirements
  • Total satisfaction

We first implement a unique and spectacular landscape design to meet or exceed your ideals and expectations. Work on any order must commence only with a customer’s stamp of approval for their landscape design. This total transformation of your compound will include an improvement of your yard and curb in many different ways.


Lawn Care services such as:


Often some people seem to forget that after a great landscape design work and implementation, maintenance services are just as important in sustaining your new beautiful lawn décor to endure the entire season and beyond.


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Hardscape Services

KG Landscape is the best hardscape construction company in Columbia Heights, MN. We offer professional construction services for your outdoor improvement needs. Our landscapers can take your idea and form it into a solid plan. With that information, we will produce a complete outline of the scope of your project–including professional blueprints–that will show you the exact outcome of your dream before the project even begins. We build many attractive outdoor features that will enhance the beauty and function of your home:



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Why Choose KG Landscape?

KG Landscape is a company dedicated to bringing quality and professional services to homeowners in the North Oaks area. They pride themselves on having a properly trained team who will listen to a homeowner and execute their vision, while still making sure it fits the space it is being implemented. Founded in 2003, KG Landscape takes pride in bringing the best services they can to the homeowners in their area.


Want to contract professional and experienced designer to help make you home’s exterior more appealing? Then, contact KG Landscape today for your free quote and learn about what your house could look like tomorrow!