Smart Irrigation Systems

I grew up watching the Disney channel and they used to make original movies. One movie they made was called “Smart House.” It was about a family that wins a contest to live in a super smart house. Then the house goes kind of crazy. It was a happy ending (of course) but the idea of a Smart House has stuck with me since then. It always seemed like a far off future.

As crazy as it sounds, the future is here… for irrigation systems anyway.

What is a Smart Irrigation System?

Smart Irrigation Controllers for Minneapolis

Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller

A smart irrigation system consists of a controller that is connected to your home’s wifi network. The rest of the system is the exact same as any other irrigation system. The power of the smart irrigation system comes from using historical data about rainfalls, current rainfall totals from a rain sensor, and future forecasts to predict the rainfall totals for your area. You can even input data like plant density, soil composition, and the slope of your lawn. The controller will then take this data into account when making your watering schedule and tailor the watering for each specific zone. Using this computing power takes all the work out of your hands.

Many of the newer smart controllers also have apps attached to them. That gives you the power to control your irrigation system from inside your house or if you’re away on a business trip.

Why should I have one?

Cyber Rain Smart Irrigation Controller

Cyber Rain Smart Irrigation Controller

A particularly wet June? Your irrigation system won’t run as much. Do you have clay in parts of your lawn soil? It’ll water that area for smaller amounts but more often to prevent water run off. Did the power go out and your controller get reset? No problem, a smart irrigation controller will automatically connect to the internet and reset from the previous controls.

Here’s a list:

  • Save money – more judicious water usage = less water usage
  • Save water – water is a precious commodity and many areas are putting strict restrictions on water use
  • Save time – the controller does all the work adjusting for you
  • Save headaches – automatically resets after power outages and can be adjusted by smartphone apps

Smart irrigation controllers also help to bust 5 Minnesota Irrigation Myths.

How do I convert to a Smart Irrigation System?

Lono Smart Irrigation System

Lono Smart Irrigation System

It’s incredibly simple. Write down the zone numbers and wire colors from your current controller. Disconnect the power and all the wires. Mount your new controller and hook the wires up in the same order as before. The rest is just inputting your zip code and some other information about your lawn. Many of the smart irrigation controllers on the market now are between $200 to $300. The money savings will start immediately.


KG Landscape is looking to implement these smart controllers starting in 2016 for some of our new irrigation systems. Join the technological revolution and turn your dumb irrigation into smart irrigation.