The Snow Has Hit Minnesota: How To Prepare Your Residence

13 Nov The Snow Has Hit Minnesota: How To Prepare Your Residence

In Minnesota like many other places, people also believe that among the few certainties of life in the United States, payment of taxes is one of them. Many people in the Gopher State area also like to add another certainty of life here in the city of Minneapolis Minnesota, and that is the fact that you can count on Mother Nature to deliver winter snow and ice on the city and its neighborhoods every winter.

Residential home owners in the Twin Cities have often inherited the burden of residential snow removal and management on their property so as to keep their families safe from accidents. Such work has increasingly taken its toll on many families in the city. The other side of this equation is yes winter snow can often present immaculate conditions, forming beautiful landscape, but strictly speaking that is where it ends.

Many People Hate Snow Shoveling and Plowing

The truth of the matter is that many home owners in Minneapolis and its Twin Sister city St. Paul hate snow shoveling, plowing and removal work. Many have to spend lots of their financial resources to service and maintain expensive plows and other snow removal equipment during the snow season. This exercise could be an expensive endeavor for many people. Snow removal also require lots of your time to adequately take care of all the needed details to keep your family and loved ones safe from slip and fall accidents which are common during the winter snow and ice season.

Breaking up hardened snow and ice could be a difficult task which could present health challenges to middle aged persons and senior citizens. There is generally sudden increase sudden in heart attacks and other health problems which may result from all kinds of situations involving the tedious work of snow and ice shoveling and removal. It is almost that time of the year once again and residential communities are getting ready for winter snow season and its associated hazardous wintry conditions producing sleet, snow and icy conditions. Residential snow removal is a serious work in Minneapolis Minnesota. There is every need for home owners to keep up with snow removal work constantly to avoid too much snow accumulation and pilling. But as stated such work could be hard and may take its toll on families’ resources, time and energy.

Good news for Minneapolis Residential Communities

Many more people in area are now signing up with KG’s professional Minnesota snow removal services to assist them with snow removal work. The good news is that you have a solid and reliable friend in the residential snow removal work so you and your family can relax and do other more important things to your families’ lives. KG Landscape Management for so many years has been a very dependable partner in the snow removal business in Minneapolis and surrounding communities.

We work so you can relax

KG Landscape is dedicated to snow removal work so you don’t have to. Snow and winter nights should offer families fun times at dinner tables when the family members come home from work to unwind the days’ stressful situations. It is time of relaxation around the fireplaces to watch your favorite and relaxing TV programs. You should not be worried about your car being stuck on your drive way on your way to work. KG Landscape will be glad to remove all that is necessary to clear your driveways and sidewalks to prevent the slip and fall accidents common on slippery sidewalks. We clear your driveways, and we spread safe snow melting agents to prevent slip and fall accidents when it is icy. It is essential to talk with our highly motivated and experienced agents to set up affordable residential snow removal program for you for the safety of your loved ones during and after hazardous Minneapolis wintry conditions.

snow plow doing residential snow removal in Minnesota

Most Reliable Residential Snow Removal Company in Minneapolis

KG Landscape Company and its management staff pride themselves as the most reliable residential snow removal company in Minneapolis. With up-to-date equipment and technology, KG landscape covers every aspect of residential snow removal work. The company’s fast and well trained staff executes all requested residential snow removal obligations, effectively and efficiently in a fast and timely manner. Their services include;

  • Snow Plowing
  • Salting work
  • Snow Shoveling
  • Removal of Ice
  • Snow Stacking & hauling if needed
  • Ice prevention work and other needs.

KG 12-hour service Guarantee

At KG we care about our customers’ needs and we go the extra mile to accommodate our valuable customers with prices tailored to their budgets. We offer seasonal pricing guarantees as a way to simplify matters for all. Here is our pricing guidelines and 12-hour guarantee:

  • Seasonal pricing rate – Simplified option for customers to fit their budgets. Pay us our seasonal rate and we guarantee to take care of your snow plowing needs for the season
  • Our service is triggered with 1 inch or 2 inches of snow fall, and this also depends on your budget and your chosen services.
  • We offer you our 12-hour service guarantee to provide you service by 7am the following morning, for snowfall that ends by 7pm the previous night
  • Your chosen specific needs to serve as open-up triggers for service

How to Sign up with KG Landscape

Dedicated KG Landscape account managers are available round the clock during the winter months until the end of the snow removal season to assist you with our simple steps needed to sign up with us. Signing up for our service is as simple as reaching for your telephone and placing your call. Our dedicated, friendly and courteous staff will be glad to assist you through the signing up process, call KG landscape today so you and your family can have the desired peace of mind.

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