Snow Plow Blades: Poly vs. Steel

A plow blade has a really crappy life. It is strapped to the bottom of a plow and then spends hours (and I mean hours) dragging on the ground. It cuts through snow, salt, ice, water, freezing cold, and long nights. It protects the plow from getting damaged and keeps the surface it’s scrapping on safe. It really has a thankless job. Not many people know, but there are two main different kinds of plow blades. We’re going to shine the light on these thankless heroes today in this here blog post.

This type of “poly blade vs. steel blade” post is typically geared toward a snow removal contractor for purchasing plows. However, we get a lot of questions from potential clients and current clients as well so we are going to discuss the differences with that frame of reference.

poly plow blade minneapolis

Example of a poly plow blade.

What’s the difference between a poly snow plow blade and a steel snow plow blade?

One plow blade is made of poly plastic material and one is made of steel. Section done!

Well okay, that’s true but it’s more intricate than that. Steel blades are made of stainless steel most often. They look saweeeeet on a nice truck or brand new plow. For almost all snow removal companies, they are bolted onto the bottom of a plow, not welded. This kind of blade is often chosen by the “dress to impress” crowd who want to really show off their truck to meet buyers or impress snow clients. Stainless steel are effective because they are resistant to rust damage and are built to last.

The other, even more popular, type of plow is a poly plow. They are made of a super tough, resistant polyethylene material. They don’t have quite the visual appearance of a stainless steel plow but that is augmented by their awesome “slickness”. A poly plow glides over surfaces but still picks up the snow and ice that drags on the ground. A steel blade can dent itself and scratch the surface it scrapes on. A poly blade glides free and clear over most obstacles.

stainless steel plow blade

Example of a stainless steel plow blade.

Why does the type of plow blade matter for a snow removal client?

If you read the above paragraphs, you probably deduced the main reason. Stainless steel plow blades can do damage to your parking lot or driveway surface. We have some snow removal clients that have warranties on their plow surfaces. To ensure that warranty stays going, they need a poly plow to be used. Again, poly plows have a “slickness” that made them still able to plow incredibly effectively but do not damage the ground.

Snow Removal Plowing Minneapolis MN


Lucky for our snow removal clients, KG Landscape Management exclusively uses poly snow blades. We have highly trained snow plow drivers that know how to take care of your property. If you’re looking for snow removal in Minneapolis, look no further than KG Landscape. Give us a call at 763-568-7251 or go to our quick quote form to let us know what you’re looking for!