Sub Contractors: What Are They and Why Should You Avoid Them?

What is a sub contractor?

A sub contractor is when a landscape or snow removal company partners with another company to offload some (or even all) of their actual outside work. You’ll see landscape design companies do this oftentimes. It takes a lot of work to run the operations and logistics side of a landscape or snow removal business and some people just don’t want the perceived hassle. So they pay a company to do the work for them. We’ll discuss the advantages of using a company that does not use a sub contractor.

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What is the advantage of not having them for a snow removal company?

  • Order – When a sub contractor is in charge of completing a route of snow removal clients, they are in charge of creating the order for how the clients get serviced. They can create a route that is efficient and services clients in the best way possible, as quickly as possible. If you end up on a sub contracted snow removal route, there is no guarantee where you will be on the route and no guarantee that you will be serviced within 12 hours.
  • Quality – Companies that use snow removal sub contractors do not have control of hiring and firing and training the snow plow drivers. The companies that employ sub contractors simply relay information and complaints but are able to do anything intangible to fix the problems. A Minneapolis snow removal company like KG Landscape is able to hire and train the best snow plow drivers. We have direct control over the quality of our snow plowing.
  • Cost – When you pay a company that uses sub contractors, you are paying for two different companies. The sub contractor has a price for the main company, then that company adds on a fee that they actually present to you. When you hire a company that does all of their snow removal in house, they can give you the best price because there aren’t the hidden costs.

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Avoid sub contractors, use the best

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