Snow Removal Facts and How They Improve Your Business

People in Minneapolis have a love/hate relationship with the snow and cold weather, but if you’re a business owner, did you know that snow in Minnesota directly affects the success of your business? You need to make sure your business is in the best position possible to greet and serve customers throughout the entire winter (and in Minneapolis, that could mean months!) Here are a few facts about snow removal and how commercial snow removal will benefit your business this winter. There are lots of elements to consider when picking a snow contractor who will greatly benefit your business.

How Commercial Snow Removal Benefits Your Business

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1. Equipment & Technology

The primary reason you should consider commercial snow removal is the equipment and technology that is used. Snow removal companies have proper equipment and technology that can be used to remove snow from the area of your Minneapolis business in a timely and effective manner. Snow can be removed from the location of your business safely and you don’t have to worry about any customers slipping, falling, and hurting themselves.

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2. Lawsuits & Liability

If a person is hurt while on your property, you could find your business paying for all medical procedures and other medical expenses that pertain to the injury the person sustains. In a business, the goal is to earn money instead of lose it, and when you have a lawsuit on your hands, you will most likely spend thousands of dollars. Needless to say, a lawsuit is not a good look for the reputation of your business. Play it safe and hire a commercial snow removal company to handle your matters in a professional manner.

3. Knowledge

There are many people who know many techniques and methods to remove snow from the location of a business, but while they are removing the snow, surface damage becomes an issue. A professional snow removal company has the knowledge and tools required to remove snow safely without causing damage to your business or the area around your business.

4. Beauty

Appearance is an essential factor for any Minneapolis business. A professional snow removal company can remove snow in a way that beautifies your business and the land around your business, especially the parking lot. A good light sheds on your business when there is snow everywhere but your business and in the parking lot of your business. Being able to safely walk from the parking lot to your destination is always a plus for customers.

5. Peace of Mind

There is nothing worse than continuously peering out of the window to see if each customer makes it safely into your business. Instead of biting your nails and being on edge every day your business is open, have professionals get the job done for you. You can get your work done, focus on the customers, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that the area of your business has been properly cared for and treated for snow.

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Facts about Snow

You may be surprised at some of the facts you may not know about snow. People enjoy snow for different reasons, and there is a lot more to snow than many people realize.

Snow Crystals

There are three different types of snow crystals, including snowflakes, hoarfrost, graupel, and polycrystals. Snowflakes are defined as a cluster of ice crystals that derive from a cloud. Hoarfrost occurs when the temperature of the surface does not exceed the frost point of the surrounding air which causes ice crystals to form on the surface of the ground. Graupel are rounded snowflakes that range between two to five millimeters in diameter. Polycrystals are are made up of many different snowflakes and ice crystals.

Snowfall in  Minneapolis

There are a few different types of snowfall that Minneapolis sees including blizzards, snowstorms, snow flurries, snow squalls, snowbursts, blowing snow, and drifting snow.

A blizzard is something that many of us who live in northern states may frequently experience. A blizzard is not your ordinary winter storm. A blizzard can last up to three hours and is a violent combination of extremely cold temperatures and strong winds. Visibility in a blizzard is nearly impossible, so make sure when one hits, you are keeping your customers safe by snow plowing your parking lot.

A snowstorm is not violent, but large amounts of snow falls for a period of time, making your parking lot – and business inaccessable. This is a stark contrast to snow flurries. When a snow flurry hits Minneapolis, no one even flinches. Snow flurry is snow that falls from the sky for a short period of time that varies in intensity. During a snow flurry, visibility is fine, and large amounts of snow do not accumulate, but can put a thin film of snow on your business’ sidewalks making it dangerous for your customers.

A snow squall lasts for a short period of time but the snowfall is intense and visibility is poor. Blowing snow is another type of snowfall that decreases visibility. During a blowing snow, the wind raises snow particles exceeding heights of the ground which causes visibility to be poor. Drifting snow is snow that is blown by the wind, above the surface.

snowfall sceneMinnesota Snow Cover

There are many different types of snow cover throughout the great state of Minnesota including new snow, firn, neve, old snow, seasonal snow, perennial snow, and powder snow.

  • New snow is snow that has recently fallen from the sky that originates from ice crystals.
  • Firn is snow that is rounded and ideal for making a snowman. Firn snow cover is more than a year old and obtains a density that exceeds 550 kilograms.
  • Neve is another type of snow cover that is referred to as granular snow and it somewhat melted. Neve is hard snow that has been refrozen and is compact. Neve is the type of snow cover that is associated with the successful formation of glaciers.
  • Old snow is snow that has reached an advanced transformation level of new snow crystals. Old snow does not have snow crystals that can be linked back to original snow flakes because the snow crystals cannot be recognized.
  • Seasonal snow is another type of snow cover that is defined as accumulated snow that lasts for a single season.
  • Perennial snow occurs on the ground almost every year for some states.
  • Powder snow is fresh and dry. Powder snow resembles dust and is very soft. Powder snow contains new snow characteristics and it is loose.

There is no doubt that when the snow and blizzards hit Minneapolis, you want to keep those doors revolving with customers that can actually access your products and services. Keep your parking lot and sidewalks clear from snow and ice, and you’ll stay free from lawsuits and a bad reputation – you’ll thrive while other businesses are left out in the cold!