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KG Landscape is a family-owned company in the Twin Cities with educated executives who provide personalized landscaping service to those in St. Paul, Minnesota and beyond. If you are a property owner or property manager looking to improve the landscaping design of your commercial building, there are plenty of reasons why KG Landscape is your best choice.


We are family-owned and operated. We’re also college-educated professionals with a dedicated passion about landscape design and technique. Our account management team is on hand for our clients 24/7, with a one hour call back gurantee. If you have a sprinkler emergency and aren’t sure what to do, give us a call and our customer service reps will turn a wet problem dry in a matter of no time.


One of the most important aspects to keeping a commercial property in St. Paul looking great is the landscaping in and around the property. Businesses at the commercial real estate greatly appreciate the environment of their leased space and certainly landscaping plays a big role. St Paul is no exception, and commercial property must be kept looking good to maintain property values as well as keep current tenants happy. If you are searching for commercial landscaping services in the St. Paul area, we are the right company for you. Our years of experience and professionalism dealing with commercial accounts is our expertise.


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The way in which we handle our commercial accounts can vary, our goal is to discover a workflow that works well for each client. We aim to provide the necessary team and services to upkeep a commercial property so that it stays looking great. This can include various diverse services, everything from watering landscapes, trimming, planting new species, removing expired landscapes, and many other essential commercial landscaping services. Commercial landscaping St. Paul is simply and easy when you call our team to care for your property. We start by visiting the real estate and learning the extent of the project, also we need to analyze what direction in landscaping will work well for the placement and style of the property.


Depending on the size of the property and location of the parking this will determine many different factors. It is common for trees to shed and leafs to fall, many visitors and tenants get annoyed with having their cars covered in leafs. Also, walking over leafs and other landscaping debris can be bothersome. We have seen many different combinations of landscaping and commercial property, so we always offer guidance to St Paul commercial landscaping clients. Also, we will review budget with all of our clients so that the commercial landscaping not only fits into the aesthetic of the property, but more importantly it matches the budget.


The type of landscaping chosen will determine the frequency of maintenance required and service on the property has additional costs. If budget is a major concern then a low maintenance landscaping design must be factored into the plan; however, if purely aesthetics is the focus then design is the main objective and appropriate maintenance is scheduled in order to maintain the specific look and feel of the design goal. This is not to say that budget is overlooked, it is just not approached the same way – our team works on the budget once the agreed upon design is achieved.




St. Paul commercial landscapers are hard to find, especially those that have a true understanding of how to optimize landscaping a a design that works all year. We are experienced in pushing the limits of landscaping layout and design that works for all seasons. In fact, our snow removal experience helps aid us in finalizing a plan that will not be compensated during the winter, so that it still looks great and snow removal services can establish clear and easy entrance and exit points on the property. This is a vital part of commercial landscaping that many first time commercial property owners do not consider. We pride ourselves of on communicating the entire picture with our clients so that the overall experience is positive and meets all expectations.


Our green services are implemented to be efficient and safe. We have an effort to utilize the safest products and take special care our team is trained in safe operation of all tools. The process of creating commercial landscaping and maintaining a property should be seamless. We want your commercial property looking great without any obstacles getting in the way. There is typically a lot of action on and around a commercial property, so we make sure your design and it’s service does not interfere with the normal daily operations of the property – this is our goal. We craft amazing commercial landscaping and perfectly service the upkeep of those commercial properties.


We work directly with property owners and commercial property management companies. If you are searching for a commercial property landscape company in St Paul, our team is ready to exceed all your landscaping needs.


St. Paul Landscaping Team

Most of our dedicated laborers have been with us for years, and go through a rigorous background check. We need to have the best employees. Because if it isn’t good enough for you, then it isn’t good enough for us either. We believe in great labor at an affordable cost, and we strive to provide that for our clients.


When landscaping for commercial buildings in St. Paul, KG Landscape knows how to transform the building from dull to spectacular. The building is your first and last impression for visitors, so make sure you leave a mark that encapsulates what you want to communicate to the world.


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Commercial landscaping for business in St Paul means adapting to climate changes and seasonal elements. In spring, you need a system in place so your walls and gardens don’t get washed away. We can protect your commercial building’s lawn from the summer heat with a proper watering schedule. And when fall hits, KG will do whatever is necessary to protect your design from the harsh Minnesota winter. When the next year hits, we will clean up and do it to perfection all over again.


Receive the KG Landscape treatment and more with a quick call to our account managers. We also offer packages with snow removal services to save you time and money.