Snow Removal Services in St. Paul, MN

St. Paul Snow Removal

We are a specialized provider of commercial and residential snow removal and de-icing services in the St. Paul area. From plowing and sidewalk shoveling to sanding and de-icing, our customers know that their property/home will be easily accessible no matter what the weather brings. After learning your specific needs, our managers will develop and implement a custom snow event plan for your property long before the first snowfall.


The appropriate allocation of equipment and personnel will be arranged and prepared to service your property/home 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Our well organized managers and hard working, detail oriented employees are ready to raise your expectations and earn your business. 


Our services in St. Paul, MN are unbeatable. We offer services for malls, schools, offices, movie theaters, homes, and everything else.

Winterize Your Paver Driveway

Here is what we offer in Snow Removal Services for St. Paul, MN:

Fixed Seasonal Program

  • Fixed price for season November 1 through March 31, we come out after 1-inch or 2-inches depending on our agreement. 
  • Commercial parking lot and residential driveway plowing plus sidewalk shoveling can be added as an extra.
  • Parking lot salting/sanding is also available.


Why hire KG Landscape for your St. Paul Snow Removal?

There are seriously a million different snow removal companies in Twin Cities. With so many choices out there, why should you pick KG Landscape? Here’s a few reasons.


  • Reliability – We have a full time mechanic on staff (with many other employees who can fix things too) to fix trucks and plows. You won’t see us skip a route or property because a truck or plow breaks down. That’s the number one problem with snow removal companies in Minneapolis. We have a huge fleet of nice trucks and plows that we are constantly working and fixing to get to your house.


  • Organization – We use tablets and technology to create efficient routes that our plow drivers use every time. Our office team works hard to when the snow isn’t flying to keep accurate records and billing. We care about providing our clients with superior service.


  • Experience – All of our plow drivers have at least one year of plowing experience. The ones without much experience ride around with our very experienced drivers before the first snow fall and are taught the correct procedures. Our Operations Manager also has tailgate talks (in the winter these are in the garage because it’s so cold, haha) throughout the winter reminding all of our drivers of correct plowing procedures and safe practices.


Come to KG Landscape for the best snow removal service in St. Paul! We understand that the Minnesota lifestyle can be tough during the winter. With the unpredictable conditions, Minnesotans need to always be prepared. Our snow removal services will be at your commercial or residential property quickly and reliably. Pick up the phone to speak with a snow removal account manager today!