Technology of a Lawn Care and Landscaping Company

Phone apps to schedule projects, punch in and out, record project details and times

Cell phones with internet capabilities have revolutionized so many aspects of our lives. We’re always connected to the world wide web, that includes landscape and lawn care companies. At KG Landscape, we use tablets to record times and materials while on the site. This allows our office and sales staff to be updated and project completion in an organized manner. We also use tablets to relay project information so our workers in the field know exactly what to do at the site. Recording DOT check is very important for employee safety and for records if one of our trucks gets pulled over. That’s why we use an app for DOT checks. KG Landscape does not do this, but other companies use apps to punch in and out to be more efficient.

Laser sights for patios and retaining walls

Getting your hardscape projects level is crucial to their success and nothing makes that easier than technology. In the past (and for many people, still present), a wide variety of levels are needed to create a flat patio or retaining wall. You need a small level to make sure each block is level and then a large, long level to check the run along a bunch of blocks. Luckily, a laser sight makes that unnecessary. Set up a laser a small distance from your project, then use a meter stick to check the height of the laser to each block. If the height is always the same, the blocks are level!

GPS for finding locations

Our company gives out tablets to our crew leaders to use. The tablets are used to record time and materials while out in the field but also for navigation. Finding the most efficient route (especially for fertilizer and mowing) is a huge time saver for KG. If our crews are out driving and get lost, that’s company time that is wasted. By cutting out wasted time and energy in our business, we are able to give our clients a better price and better service.

Satellite images for bidding out projects

Many of the lawn care bids that I do for KG Landscape involve using software to measure square feet of a property. We use that square footage to determine our lawn maintenance services including fertilizer, mowing, core aeration, overseeding, and other services. It’s useful for numerous other applications including our plow services and giving directions for landscape maintenance like mulch or rock on large properties.

CAD software for showing off designs

CAD software has changed the game for landscape design. Using computer programs like Dynascape allows designer to make accurate, colorful designs for their clients to show off their design. The hyper accurate design also allows workers out in the field to implement the designs exactly how they appear. This creates less confusion between design and installation and the design you see on paper will be the dream landscape at the end of the project. The cutting edge of these designs are 3D models and photoshop which give you an even more realistic look at

LED lighting

Outdoor lighting has gone through a revolution in the past few years. LED bulbs are now all the rage and for good reason. They use a fraction of the power (means less money) than halogen bulbs. The LED bulbs also last longer and shine brighter white. Best of all for landscape companies, they use less power they are easier to wire and set up. The main drawback is that they are a little bit more expensive but the benfits

Smart Irrigation controllers

These irrigation controllers use weather forecasting data from wi-fi internet to time your irrigation system to max efficiency. Read more at our blog post.