Time to Prepare for Commercial Snow Removal Services

Now is the time for all Minneapolis businesses to prepare for commercial snow and ice removal services in order to keep the doors open for customers, clients, and employees, and reduce liability from “slip and fall” accidents.

Severe Winter Season 2014-2015 Predicted

Last year, winter in the Minneapolis area was harsh. The predictions for the upcoming winter season are for more of the same, maybe worse. Climate change and the melting of the ice caps in the Arctic are causing changes in the flow of colder air found in the jet stream. Much more cold air is escaping from the Arctic and reaching further south, guaranteeing a very severe winter.

Commercial snow removal services are essential for every business to maintain uninterrupted operations. The state-of-the-art in snow and ice removal services include weather-tracking, fast response, and crews working at full speed even at night to make sure the company is open for business in the morning. Salt applications provide de-icing, and sand provides traction for vehicles when required. There is a lot to know when preparing for the snow to hit your business. If you’re looking for more great information, read our guide: How to Choose a Commercial Snow Removal Team!

Plan Ahead for Best Snow Removal Results

Most businesses benefit from a monthly contract with set rates and services provided for snow removal when it exceeds either one-inch or two-inch levels. These worry-free contracts give a stable monthly bill, no matter what weather conditions occur, and are frequently chosen by businesses for peace of mind. Planning ahead is crucial, because commercial snow removal services allocate staff, equipment, and supplies based on these contracts.

The idea is to contract with the experts to handle the problem of snow and ice removal and be comfortable knowing there is a qualified service provider on call to deal with the problem when it comes up. This is much better than being in a panic trying to find service at the last minute, when Minneapolis and surrounding areas are overwhelmed by the effects of a major snowstorm.

The month of October is really the last chance to contract commercial snow removal services in advance. Allocation of all the capacity to contract for commercial snow removal services occurs by the end of October. Business owners, property managers, and building owners all need these services which help improve your business in the winter. The best deals are available for those who act sooner rather than later. For all your commercial and residential snow removal needs in Minneapolis, KG Landscape is your team.

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Selecting a Commercial Snow Removal Service

Ask these ten questions when selecting a company for commercial snow removal services:

  1. How long has the company been in the snow and ice removal business?
  2. Is snow and ice removal a major part of the services provided?
  3. Who are some other customers?
  4. What type of equipment does the company use?
  5. Does the company have its own employees or make use of sub-contractors?
  6. What is the process used for removal?
  7. What planning occurs before a storm hits?
  8. Is labor available to hand shovel sidewalks if required?
  9. What is the policy for response times?
  10. How are service charges calculated?

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The best advice is to make plans for commercial snow removal services now. Winter is coming soon and it is time to get ready. Contact KG Landscape for a free quote.