4 Sure Fire Ways to Remove A Tree Stump

Removing a tree stump can oftentimes be a back breaking, never ending procedure. Trees need to be removed because there’s a new planting or your making room for a beautiful patio or it’s a hazard for your home. There are any number of reasons. So you get the tree cut up and you think the job is done… But it’s not. The tree stump is still there staring at you as a taunting ghost of the tree you had removed.

You don’t need ghostbusters however. I’m going to outline 4 ways to remove a tree stump for you DIYers out there. If a tree stump is still giving you problems or you’d like some professionals to come out and remove it for you, contact KG Landscape and we’ll bust that stump up in no time.

Option 1 – Grind the Tree Stump

Imagine a giant chainsaw and just grinding it into the ground. That’s basically what this method entails. A stump grinder is available for rental from most rental companies. They are big gas powered machines with giant chains that are meant for ripping up pieces of wood and dirt.

This is the grand daddy of stump removal. The controls are pretty easy to master but it can be tough for homeowners to transport the stump grinder on the trailer. Also, a stump grinder will run you north of $200 for half a day of use. Another thing to keep in mind is that this machine is meant for BIG stumps. So if you have a smaller stump you need removed, this is definitely over kill. One more caveat, the stump needs to be from an old cut down tree. These chainsaws are meant for dry, old wood instead of wet, new wood.

Tree Stump Grinder Removal Minneapolis MN

Option 2 – Burn the Tree Stump

There are some precautions that need to be made but this is a good method to use when the stump is not near your house or other flammable materials. It will completely remove the stump in an eco friendly way.

First, drill a few holes in the stump and fill it with kerosene or fuel oil. DO NOT USE GASOLINE. Wait for the kerosene or fuel oil to completely penetrate the stump (in might take a few days). Before actually lighting the fire, surround the area with a chicken wire fence and removal all leaves and other debris that might catch fire.

Then drop a match and let it burn. It will take a few days to fully burn out (you’ll want to keep an eye on it) but the stump will completely burn away. Just fill the hole with new dirt and you’re good to go!

Burn A Tree Stump Minneapolis MN

Option 3 – Dig the Tree Stump

The most labor intensive option but a very popular choice for many stumps. Simply dig out around the stump and expose all the roots. Then use an axe to chop the roots and flip the stump out.

This option sounds much easier than it actually is. For really small stumps like for bushes and shrubs this is a viable way to do it. For large trees, this is often just too difficult. The roots are too large and there are too many of them. You’d be better served using a different method.

Dig Up Tree Stumps Minneapolis MN

Option 4 – Chemically Rot the Tree Stump

If you don’t need the stump removed quickly, this is a great choice. It’s extremely similar to the the stump burning method above. Holes are drilled in the stump and chemical stump remover (can be purchased at any home improvement store) is poured into the holes.

This procedure can take a few weeks. Wait for the stump to get real soft and then start using an axe to chop up the deteriorated bits of wood. You can also burn the rest of the stump if there’s any left or chop it up.

Chemical Stump Remover Minneapolis MN

If you’re looking for a tree stump removal in the Minneapolis area, contact KG Landscape Management. You can fill out a free quote or give us a call at 763-568-7251.