Landscaping Services in White Bear Lake, MN

Most homeowners don’t realize how much work taking care of their landscape is going to be when they buy their home in White Bear Lake. There’s a lot more to landscaping than running a lawnmower over the grass. When you’re ready to hand off your duties, a professional landscaping service can improve your curb appeal. At KG Landscape, we strive to provide reliable, experienced lawn care in White Bear Lake. We provide lawn care, hardscape construction, fertilization and weed control, and landscape design. It’s our goal to help each homeowner get the lawn and outdoor space they want.

As the owner and founder of KG Landscape, Kent Gliadon has extensive knowledge of the terrain and soil composition in the White Bear Lake area and much of Minnesota, and your yard benefits from this knowledge. This knowledge base helps the KG Landscape team create and maintain a thriving landscape for your home. Our family-owned and operated landscaping company has been working with local homeowners for more than a decade to create stunning landscapes in the White Bear Lake area. We ensure that each client receives reliable service combined with awesome customer service during each visit.

Affordable Lawn Care and Landscaping in White Bear Lake

Affordable Lawn Care and Landscaping in White Bear Lake

Do you want a front yard that looks like it was designed on HGTV? Are you worried that your home doesn’t have a lot of curb appeal? KG Landscape can help with landscaping services that turn your neighbors green with envy. We strive to keep our prices affordable to fit comfortably into your budget. At KG Landscape, we provide each of our customers with the outstanding service they deserve and at a price they can afford. We believe that our best skills are communication, detailed planning, drafting, and construction to turn your outdoor space into a showplace at a price point that you can manage.

Lawn Care Services in White Bear Lake

Lawn Care Services in White Bear Lake

With extensive training and years of experience in horticulture, our professional team always offers excellent and sustained lawn care services in White Bear Lake. Whether it’s time to mow the grass or trim the hedges, our team provides excellent care to your property. With investments in the latest technology and best-available products, KG Landscape keeps your yard looking its best, but more than that — it’s healthy! Our commitment to your lawn puts us miles ahead of our competitors. You want your White Bear Lake home to have a wow factor, and we can make it happen.

For a lush and green lawn, it’s essential to add the correct amount of water and fertilizer at the right moments. With KG Landscape, we’ll help you navigate those moments with recommendations and advice on the best times to add water and fertilizer. As you continue with a program of lawn care, fertilization, and watering, your yard will flourish before your yard into the one of your dreams. The KG Landscape team is ready to help you develop a flourishing outdoor space that you and your family can use into the fall months.

At KG Landscape, we know that our hardscape service in White Bear Lake can turn your dowdy yard into a lawn with loads of curb appeal. It’s our team of experts with their dedication and hard work that make us the most popular landscaping service in White Bear Lake and this part of Minnesota. When you’re ready to add a retaining wall, patio, fire pit, or water features to your lawn, the KG Landscape team partners with you to complete the job quickly and reliably, so you can make the neighbors jealous.

The time to hand off your lawn care chores is today. In White Bear Lake, the KG Landscape team is the one to call first to find help with lawn care, weed control, fertilization, hardscape construction, and landscape design.

Landscaping Services in White Bear Lake, MN

Landscaping Services in White Bear Lake

Homeowners in White Bear Lake choose KG Landscape for the full line of landscaping services offered by our friendly and talented team. Each service is designed to make your life a little easier and your lawn more beautiful. Our main focus is to meet your needs. At each step of the process, you’ll appreciate the dedication of all our team members, starting with your first call to our company. We start the process with a one-on-one meeting with our landscaping management team. They strive to make sure that your project progresses smoothly, and your landscape turns into the one you wanted. White Bear Lake homeowners prefer many of our services, including:

Patios and fire pits: On a breezy summer evening or a gorgeous autumn day, a new fire pit or patio offers you a cozy spot for entertaining friends or chilling with your family. 

Irrigation work: To keep your outdoor space growing and thriving throughout the year, you need an irrigation system that’s up to the job. It might be a sprinkler installation or irrigation system that you need to keep your grass green when Minnesota hits a dry spell. 

Curb appeal: First opinions are formed as soon as someone drives past your White Bear Lake home or stops for a visit. Beautiful landscaping is the key to creating the curb appeal you need. 

Walkways: Walkways can be more than a functional aspect of your landscape design. They can bring beauty to your yard and create additional safety for your family and friends. With a walkway, you minimize the hazards of things, such as tree roots and other issues.

Stone retaining walls: Use a stone retaining wall to create separate areas in your yard. You can define a space for your children to pay for or plant the vegetable garden you’ve always wanted. Our design team can help you outline where you want them.

Driveway designs: A driveway is just a driveway, right? Wrong! The right driveway design can draw attention to your landscape features and help improve your curb appeal. 

Landscape lighting: As a design element, landscape lighting adds both beauty and safety to your White Bear Lake home. KG Landscape can create landscape lighting that provides light, so you can spend more time outside in the evening, or showcase your favorite flower bed or water feature.

Water features: From a Koi pond to a trickling stream, a water feature brings the wow factor to your landscape design.

Pergolas and trellises: When the weather is warm, you need an escape from the bright sunshine. A pergola or trellis can offer you that hideaway.

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