Why You Need to Research Your Landscaper

Many trades have regulations and certifications that they need to obtain before they can start actually plying their trade. Electricians, for example, takes many years of classes to get a degree, then go on an apprenticeship to get the experience to really do the job correctly. When you hire an electrician, you can ask for proof of their knowledge. Electricians also have to follow a strict code of rules and regulations when putting together a system for a home or a business. Inspectors come out and check their work to make sure it is up to snuff. Basically, there are lots of checks and balances.

Landscaping and lawn care don’t have these regulations and many landscapers (especially out in the field) don’t have any formal training whatsoever. When you hire a landscape company to provide you with the irrigation system or outdoor lighting you’ve always wanted, there’s no real rules or regulations to follow. There’s no guarantee that the person installing the system has ever installed one before or will do it the right way. That’s why you need to research the company before you agree to work with them.

There are incalculable ways for an irrigation system or an outdoor lighting system to go awry. If a company uses cheap parts and lazy construction on either system, you will pay for it. If the irrigation pipes aren’t buried deep enough, they can rupture from cold or roots. If an irrigation system is not set up efficiently, it can waste you water and money. If an outdoor lighting system isn’t wired correctly,  it will waste electricity and money. Similar problems caused by cutting corners or using poor materials can lead to problems with walkways, patios, and plantings as well.

That’s why online reviews and asking for referrals is so important when you’re picking a landscaping company. Companies that cut corners and short change their customers will be found in today’s online marketplace. Google reviews are a great place to look for possible bad apples. You can also check their social media to see if they are responding to complaints. Having dedicated account managers to work with you through your services is key.

You want to hire a company that values your investment and cherishes your choice. The team at KG Landscape work hard to provide our customers with the best service and communication in the industry. We train our employees on proper installation techniques (we have monthly training meetings as a company) and our landscape foremen have over 3 years of experience each. We don’t take any project lightly and we value every customer we have.