Minneapolis Snow Removal, Plowing, Hauling & Deicing

Minneapolis Snow Removal Quote

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KG Landscape Management is the Minneapolis snow removal company you can count on.

We have the professional equipment and personnel required to deliver exceptionally fast, reliable, and thorough snow removal, plowing, hauling, and deicing services to the Twin Cities metro and surrounding suburbs.

Snow Removal Service You Can Count On

  • 10 hour service guarantee
  • Dedicated account managers
  • 24-hour emergency service line
  • Customized service plans

Snow Plowing

We are a specialized provider of commercial and residential snow removal and de-icing services.  From plowing and sidewalk shoveling, to sanding and de-icing, our customers know that their property will be easily accessible no matter what the weather brings.

After learning your specific needs, our managers will develop and implement a custom snow event plan for your property long before the first snowfall.

The appropriate allocation of equipment and personnel will be arranged and prepared to service your property 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Our well organized managers and hard working, detail oriented employees are ready to raise your expectations and earn your business.

Snow Shoveling

We understand the importance of keeping the sidewalks, aprons, dock areas, dumpsters and stairs clear of snow throughout the winter.  We use a variety of equipment to depending on the locationand intricacy of the area that needs to be cleared. Whether we are using, shovels, snow blowers or need to bring one of our bobcats in to clear specific detailed areas, we have the means to keep your entire property safe and functional.

Salting truck

Salting, Sanding and Deicing

We are dedicated to keeping your property safe and profitable.  By keeping your lot ice free you are keeping customers and preventing potentially costly accidents.  Our fleet of salting trucks are available at all times for 100% pure salt applications to eliminate ice and bring your lot down to pavement.  When the weather calls for it, we offer sand applications to give traffic added traction during slippery conditions.

 Snow Hauling and Stacking

Are you seeing your parking spaces disappear over the course of the winter? Are the drifts too high to manage with a snow plow, let alone a shovel?

KG Landscape is equipped for even the heaviest snow falls and have the ability to move and stack snow on your property with our large snow buckets to help give you back the room you lost over the course of the winter.

Along with moving and stacking snow, we also offer snow hauling off site.  Our commercial snow hauling gives you the opportunity to get 100% of your parking spots back keeping customers and employees happy and safe.

Keeping Everyone Safe: Commercial Snow Removal

With more than 50 inches of snowfall each year in Minneapolis, it’s important to plan for prompt removal as it accumulates on the ground and top of your building. In order to keep clients and workers safe, you have the responsibility of removing the snow yourself or paying professionals to handle the situation. Removing the snow can also keep your building materials in perfect shape for the duration of the cold season. If you stay on top of this problem, you could even avoid fines and contribute to the clean, safe atmosphere in your city. Read on for more information.

Dangers of Snow Accumulation

Snow accumulation affects your customers, employees and the structure of your building. In addition, since clearing off the sidewalks is your responsibility, neglect also affects everyone who walks past your premises. If you do not fulfill your obligation to clear the sidewalks within four days, you may receive a warning from city officials. Ignoring that warning usually results in a series of fines until you clear the ice and snow. Furthermore, your company could face a lawsuit if someone injures themselves on accumulated snow and ice covering the sidewalks near your business.

The snow and ice add excess danger to your building’s sidewalks and driveways. The average driveway for a commercial building can’t stay completely free from all the snowfall and ice. Make sure you’re clearing your pathways each time the snow falls, or else you could face damages to your cement, and people can potentially injure them selves. Melting ice water might even leak inside your building and cause mildew and mold growth that could shut down your company during the cleanup process.

Preventive Measures

If you’re only facing a few inches of ice and snow, you can attempt to remove these substances from the sidewalk yourself using a few key tools. Grab a snow shovel, blower and bag of sand to start the removal process. You’ll want to push away as much of the snow as possible using the blower. Make sure you’re sending the snow to the side where people do not tread.

Use your snow shovel to completely remove the packed ice and snow beneath the powdery flakes. Do your best to avoid pressing the snow down against the sidewalk, as that will create a slippery, icy surface. After you’re done, spread a thin layer of sand over the sidewalk to give passersby traction.

Professional Assistance

Luckily, you can seek professional assistance to have the snow and ice removed in a timely manner. Removal companies adequately prepare their workers with the right safety equipment and snow elimination tools.

Here are just a few tools you’ll see the workers use to remove the accumulation:

  • Straight blade and v-plows
  • Professional blowers
  • Skid Loaders
  • Sharp edged shovels
  • Salt spreaders

Heavy duty snow removal equipment quickly displaces the snow and ice to create a clear walking surface on the sidewalks. Instead of sand, professionals use a salt solution that melts the frozen water and keeps it from sticking on that area if snowfall occurs soon after. This prevents you from having to schedule removal appointments on a daily basis. Instead, you may be able to space out the appointments to once a week or more, depending on the weather conditions.

If you’re expecting heavy snowfall, but don’t already have accumulation to clear away, consider having professionals apply more salt brine solution to the sidewalk and driveway to keep the snow from sticking to the ground. The salt melts the snow as it touches the ground while reducing the freezing temperature of standing water to prevent the formation of ice in that area. If business owners request their snow removal services early enough, the streets and sidewalks can stay clear despite heavy snow.


Find The Best Snow Removal Company

If you stay on top of the snow removal process, you should keep your building in good shape and protect customers and employees from fall injuries. Furthermore, you make your city just a little bit safer for those traveling by bike or on foot. Removing hazards even protects your bottom line by preventing injuries that could result in a lawsuit against your company. Nearby business owners may appreciate your efforts and join in the fight against slippery sidewalks, crosswalks and street surfaces. Since snowfall accumulates quickly overnight, it’s best to take precautionary steps in addition to reacting to accumulation in a timely manner to keep the area safe for everyone.

If you hire professionals, you’ll have a paper trail proving you obtained snow removal services in a timely manner throughout the cold season. Removal professionals can check your premises to help you create a removal schedule that works for your local weather conditions. Taking the guesswork out of the removal process may even lower stress levels by eliminating worries about this process. You can trust professionals, like KG Landscape, to help you protect your company from the dangers of snow and ice accumulation.

Commercial Snow Removal Packages

We offer two general snow and ice management packages. After speaking with your dedicated account manager, a customized plan and service-level agreement will be created to match your unique needs.

Fixed Monthly Snow Removal Pricing

  • Best value based on the heavy snow we’ve had recently
  • Fixed price each month. You pay the same rate, regardless of that month’s snowfall.
  • Service triggers at 1-inch or 2-inches depending on your specific needs and budget
  • 10 hour service guarantee. For snowfalls ending before 7pm, you will receive a full plow (including sidewalks) by 5am next morning
  • For snow falls greater than 4″ ending after midnight, you will receive a full open-up of the main drive aisles by noon and full plow before 7am next day
  • Open-up triggers set to your specific needs

Per Time Snow Removal Pricing 

  • You are billed per service depending on the snowfall amount each time
  • Service triggers at 1-inch or 2-inches
  • 12 hr service guarantee. For snowfalls ending before 7pm, you receive service by 7am next morning
  • Open-up triggers can be set to your specific needs

Snow Plowing a Residential Driveway

  • We offer seasonal packages to our residential clients at 1-inch and 2-inch service triggers
  • We will be there within 12 hours of snowfall ending. For snowfalls ending before 7pm, you will receive a service by 7am
  • Sidewalk, patio, mailbox, fire hydrant shoveling, and deicing offered
  • Available for special service calls
  • Click for residential snow removal pricing