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The value of landscaping to your home in Arden Hills, MN can no longer be underestimated. One of the best ways to add significant value to your property is through your landscaping work. Your beautifully designed and landscaped yard is the very first thing anyone who comes to a close proximity of your home first notices. That first impression matters a lot because it may leave a lasting image on the mind of your visitors or passersby. In Arden Hills, many homeowners are joining the landscaping revolution which has become a national trend. This article discusses the issue of landscaping and why it is very important for you as a homeowner to take these important steps to give your home the beautiful landscaping you have always desired.


Reasons for Landscaping your Arden Hills home:


  • Increases the value of your home – Your house is perhaps the greatest investment you have made. Over the years its value tends to appreciate. An addition of a well landscaped lawn can push up the value of your property up
  • Your home stands out – Landscaping your lawn will undoubtedly get your home noticed. If at any time you want to sell your house that beautifully manicured green lawn will attract more interest in prospective buyers
  • Landscaped homes sell faster – Chances are that your well landscaped and maintained property will sell faster than other homes in your neighborhood without such luxury.
  • Energy Efficiency – A well landscaped property can help reduce your energy costs.


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Economical benefits of Landscaping Arden Hills

Landscaping offers benefits to our homes in several ways:


  • Lower heating and cooling costs – It is a well known fact that landscaping can drive down the traditional heating and cooling cost for your property.
  • Deciduous Trees planting – When trees are planted along the sides of your home it can help lower your cooling energy costs by  up to 20% according to the EPA.
  • Warms your house up in winter – During the winter, these planted trees allows the sun rays to warm up your building according to the EPA.
  • Reduces Local Flooding – Landscaping can help you reduce the impact of local flooding. At the same time it can help lower chances of water runoffs during a heavy downpour.
  • Controls Erosion – It has been shown that landscaping can help check erosion in and around your property. This will help you control the level of soil loss in your property.
  • Controls Soil erosion and degradation – Repairing the damages caused by soil erosion and degradation could be costly to the average home owner. The Landscaping option will help you control this problem



Curb Appeal Plantings

Landscaping Arden Hills MN

KG Landscape offers dependable and affordable landscaping services in Arden Hills, MN. We provide full landscaping services in the following areas:




For over 10 years KG Landscape has been providing landscape services and offering individualized designs to fit the needs of their customers


  • Basic design to and from your side garage
  • Beautifully designed Circular Driveway  format looping around
  • Fabulous Courtyard design




KG Landscape offers fantastic patio designs such as


  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Bars
  • Gas or wood burning stoves
  • Waterfalls and Fountains
  • Ambient sound



Retaining WallsArden Hills MN Landscaping

Retaining Walls can offer great places for pool tables, ping pongs, or family barbecuing purposes.




Add special walkways to your property through our custom made designs to fit your individuality.



Water Features

KG Landscape offers dependable and affordable water features in Arden Hills, MN. Our water feature installations include:



  • Water Fountains
  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Birdbaths


At KG, our dedicated and friendly staff will go the extra mile to provide you with your needed services. KG Landscape has professionally trained service technicians and staff to carry out your order in line with your work order and expectations. We put so much passion in our work aimed at customer satisfaction. Contact KG Landscape today and let our dedicated and reliable experts meet with you to discuss your needs.We guarantee your satisfaction at all times.



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