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Landscaping your property has become inevitable for today’s homeowner. Landscaping in Brooklyn Center, MN for both new and old homeowners has improved property values through adding new landscaping features. For homeowners in Brooklyn Center MN, their landscaping work is made easier by an experienced landscaping company with experienced staff in all aspects of the landscaping business, from simpler designs to more complex ones. If you need landscaping for your home in Brooklyn Center, MN, KG Landscape is the team to call.


Everyone who owns a home understands the importance of giving your home a great well designed and implemented Landscaping work which will help you in creating that first impression about you and your home. This article explores the world of landscaping in Brooklyn Center, MN through the professional services of KG Landscape. A leader in landscaping work in Minnesota and beyond.


Landscape Design Brooklyn Center MN


The Need for Landscaping

  • Create an eye-catching lawn – You define your home’s uniqueness in your neighborhood. A well designed and manicured lawn will be the envy of your neighborhood. The advantage of having a great landscaped home can not be understated.
  • Increases the resale value of your home – Gorgeous landscape designs can add tremendous value to the value of your home. When it’s time to sell, it is likely that your home may sell much quicker than other non-landscaped properties in the same neighborhood.
  • Lowering your monthly costs – Many studies have shown that trees and shades from plants can indeed help your outdoor air-condition units reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling your home.
  • Reinforces good feelings and happiness through perception – A well decorated and manicured lawn has many pleasing characteristics.
  • Creates more privacy for your home – A well landscaped lawn will afford your home some additional degrees of privacy. For instance some of the plants and trees in your compound can help to seclude your property, acting like sound barriers.



Getting Started with your Dream Landscape

The process of implementing a great lawn for your property involves the application of knowledge and experience through the adaptation of technological solutions. The good news for you if you live in Brooklyn Center is that the best landscaping company in Minnesota is just one phone call away.


Landscaping Brooklyn Center MN

Landscaping Brooklyn Center, MN – The Design Process

Free meeting – When you need any of our landscaping services, the first step we take is to schedule a free meeting with our expert designers and dedicated account managers. At this meeting our staff will uncover what you want from a landscape. From experience over the years, landscaping ideas and expectations differ from one client to another.


We respect your own ideas – Our service professionals understand and respect our client’s unique needs and ideas. Our designers will also discuss with you our own ideas as well to provide you with more options and choices about your needs and expectations. With over 10 years in the landscaping design work and maintaining properties, we can tap into our vast ideas and knowledge-base to offer you additional options to consider as well.


Quote for your work – At this initial meeting we will provide you with a quote for your order. Once we conclude on this phase, we can begin design phase implementation through the following steps.


Conceptual design review – We carry out measurements and take necessary steps to start the Conceptual planning stage.


Full design plan – After perfecting the features of your design, work on drawing the final design will begin.


Scheduling and construction – Upon complete satisfaction with your design and project write up, we will ask for a 10% project cost, and work will be accordingly scheduled to start.


Final work through – Before payment of your final bill, our designer and project manager will work around your compound, with you to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our work. Upon your complete satisfaction, the final payment is due.


Landscaping Brooklyn Center MN


At KG Landscape our dedicated and friendly staff will go the extra mile to provide you with your needed services. We put passion in our work aimed at customer satisfaction. Contact KG Landscape today and let our dedicated and reliable experts meet with you to discuss your needs.



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