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Our passion is providing excellent landscaping solutions and services that help people get outside and take pride in their outdoor spaces. Our goal is to do so in a manner that truly provides value to our customers by offering educated solutions that make sense for their property and long term plans. We’ve included some general pricing information below to help you understand whether or not we might be a good fit for your landscaping project.


  • Landscape Design and Landscaping Projects: $5,000 project minimum for landscaping projects (patios, walkways, plantings, retaining walls, etc.). Most landscaping projects require a landscape design to begin the process. Typical landscape designs range between $300-$1,200 depending on the scope (link to our landscape design page). Design fees are credited back toward the project when we do the work.
  • Lawn Care Services: Our prices for fertilizer/weed control, lawn mowing, spring and fall clean-ups, etc. are all based on the square footage of your lawn. We provide free estimates for these services using our overhead measuring programs.
  • Outdoor Drainage Solutions: We have a $3,500 project minimum for all drainage improvement related projects like: grading, French drains, and drain tiling work. We charge a $90 consultation fee for a drainage expert to meet with you on-site, come up with a plan specific for your property, and prepare estimate. The $90 fee is credited back toward the project when we do the work.
  • Lawn Grading & Renovation: We have a $90 consultation fee to have an expert out to meet with you, talk over the many available turf renovation/grading options, and prepare a plan and estimate. The $90 fee is credited back toward the project when we do the work.


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    Landscape Design / Installation Services

    Landscape DesignPatio/WalkwayFront Yard LandscapingBackyard LandscapingCurb AppealMulch/Rock/EdgingPlantingsRetaining WallIrrigation Installation

    Outdoor Drainage / Landscape Drainage

    Outdoor Drainage Consultation (French drains, grading, drain tile, dry well, rain gardens, sump pump discharge solutions, etc.)

    Lawn Improvement Services

    Fertilizer/Weed ControlCore AerationOverseedingTopdressingLawn Grading/LevelingHydroseedingSod Installation

    Lawn Maintenance Services

    Weekly Lawn MowingSpring/Fall Clean-UpBush and Shrub Trimming

    Snow and Ice Maintenance Services

    Snow PlowingParking Lot Salt ApplicationsSnow Shoveling/BlowingSnow Hauling/Relocating

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