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Some homeowners in Eden Prairie, MN may not be aware of the enormous advantages which result from implementing a great landscaping design for your property. Your home is perhaps the most expensive investment for you outside of your business investments.


You can build up the value of your home by obtaining a great landscaping design which will create lasting images in the minds of your guests and visitors. It would be wise to take actions that can guarantee the appreciation of your home investment from one year to another. Not having an appealing landscape could have a detrimental effect on the sale value of your house should you want to put it up sale.


Some homeowners have often said that it is cheaper for them to do their own landscaping. That statement is wrong because one may end up spending much more money and countless hours trying to do the work themselves. Even when homeowners do the landscaping by themselves, the quality of work and designs is not as good as the professional landscape work.



Landscaping in Eden Prairie, MN

In Eden Prairie, MN, KG Landscape is a trusted and experienced landscape design company. They have helped dozens of happy homeowners design and build a beautifully decorated landscape for their home. KG Landscape has been in business for a very long time, with over 10 years experience in the area of landscaping and lawn services. And with highly-trained and friendly professional staff, you can rest assured that when you need great landscaping work, they are there to help out.


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Does space in your home matter

The space you have on your property for landscaping shouldn’t worry you, because KG Landscape understands how to conserve space and maximize its utilization for an impressive landscaping layout. Through gorgeous and creative designs involving sophisticated and skillful planning, plant selection, and methodical project execution, KG delivers a project in line with your desired goals and objectives.



Advantages of Professionally Designed landscape job.

There is no doubt that professional landscaping confers significant benefits to homeowners. Here are some of the advantages of professional landscaping:

  • Property value – The professional designed landscape work adds to the valuation of your house, up to 20% appreciation in the value of your property if the landscaping is thoroughly done.
  • Helps your home attract more prospective buyers – More buyers may be willing and interested in your home.
  • Professionally landscaped homes sell faster than non-landscaped homes – According to existing data, professionally landscaped homes spend less time in the market when they are offered for sale.
  • Lowers your energy cost – Studies also show that well landscaped homes have lower heating and cooling energy cost.
  • Offers Environmental benefits – Professionally landscaped homes have benefits in reduction of water runoff as well as local flooding, temperature controls, erosion control and soil degradation.


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Landscaping Services offered in Eden Prairie, MN

KG Landscape offers a full line of landscaping services. The first step is the customer-friendly design process. Our design process consists of a one-on-one conversation between you and our landscape management team to help come up with the best solutions to suit your needs. KG Landscape offers the following services:


Beautiful patios and fire pits – Everyone loves patios and fire pits, and we have great designs to suit each person’s specific needs.


Irrigation work for a lush green yard – We can help your yard retain its green characteristics all year round, and ensure it’s healthy come next spring.


Great curb appeal – Outstanding front yard landscaping packages to create lasting first impressions on your guests and visitors.


Beautifully designed walkways – A truly underestimated part of a great landscape design is a great walkway designs to suited your property’s needs.


Well designed stone retaining walls – Create more space where you need some for gardening or a play area.


Excellent driveway designs – Express your class with a great driveway.


Great landscape lighting – Beautify your home at night with great lights to add flair to your back yard, driveway or front porch.


Water features – Add some water features like a water fountain to bring a soothing element into your landscape.


Pergolas and trellises- for your backyard improvement and shade for hot summer days.


At KG Landscape in Eden Prairie, MN we have perfected the art of landscaping tailored to meet your needs and expectations. We have great passion in what we do and have thousands of satisfied customers. Our customer service staff is second to none. At KG Landscape we will also earn your trust and respect


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