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Light Up Your Home And Landscaping!

Your outdoor space looks fantastic and you work hard to keep it that way. Why let all that work go to waste when the sun goes down? Some wires here, some light fixtures there, and you can have a beautiful looking front and backyard day or night. KG Landscape Management is your Twin Cities outdoor lighting experts. We have experienced designers and installers who will choose the correct hardware and implement it into your landscape. There’s no limit to the effects a well designed outdoor lighting scheme can achieve, from ethereal moonlight beamed down from a tree canopy to a subtle glow that washes over a low garden wall. Just like designing a beautiful outdoor living space, a pleasing lighting scheme is also about artistry.

Landscape Lighting Design and Installation in Minneapolis MN KG Landscape

Advantages to an Outdoor Lighting System

  • Extending Outdoor Space: Lighting the area around your home allows you to utilize spaces that would not be available otherwise. You will be able to use the patio or deck or yard after the sun goes down. Outdoor barbeques can last long into the night, as long as the bugs stay away of course. Minnesota summers never seem to last as long as we would like them too. By adding lighting to your landscape, your time spent outdoors can be even longer.


  • Highlighting Features of Your House and Lawn: As you can see in the picture examples we have all over this page, an outdoor lighting system can be utilized to focus attention on specific elements of your landscape. You can highlight the beautiful stone steps or the intricate home design. Trees and plant beds look completely different when the spotlight is put on them.


  • Curb Appeal at Night: Curb appeal is something that many of our clients in Minneapolis and St. Paul ask us about. We solve many curb appeal concerns with plantings and landscape design on the house. However, those additions are not as effective at night. A landscape lighting system makes that curb appeal noticeable when the natural lights go out.


  • Safety and Security: It’s not a pleasant topic but the amount of burglaries in Minnesota is on the rise. Shining lights on your house and on your yard during the night prevents some of the more mischievous characters from approaching your home. That safety and security is priceless.


  • Beautiful on Their Own: A well designed and installed lighting system creates ambiance and mood. They make the yard look mysterious and comforting. Your home will appear more grand than it did before.
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Technology Used In Landscape Lighting

  • LED vs. Halogen: With the continued growth in popularity of LED lights, the cost and reliability of them have increased a lot. LED lights use up to 90% of the electricity of halogen. They are also smaller and put out less heat.


  • Solar lights: These are gaining popularity with the “sustainable landscaping” trends that have emerged recently. A solar panel is placed on top of a garden or path light. The solar panel charges the light during the day and the lights runs for typically 6-8 hours through the night. These require no complex system and are independently powered. They’re not as effective in the winter (less sun) but are sustainable and less expensive.


  • Path lights: Blocks powered by solar light are installed into the path during construction. They light the path at night and also provide an interesting feature. These are a less expensive, more eco-friendly way to make your property safer and add interest at night.
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Landscape Lighting Services Offered in Minneapolis and St. Paul

  • Landscape Lighting System Design
  • Landscape Lighting System Installation
  • Motion Sensor Lighting
  • Solar Powered Lights
  • Pathway Lights
  • Exterior Home Lighting

Types of Lights for a Minneapolis Exterior Lighting System

  • Garden: Highlight plants in gardens. Also used to light a path. Unlike other types of lights, these are on display so choosing the correct design is important. These can also be solar lights independent of an entire lighting system.


  • Wash: Soft diffuse light for lighting large flat areas like fences and house walls. Can also be used on steps, patios, and other features.


  • Bullet: As with the name, these project a single, strong, bright beam. These are used to highlight a single feature like a tree, a house feature or a garden feature like a fireplace.


  • Flood: A balance between a bullet and a wash light. They cast a brighter light than a wash but have a wider beam than a bullet. Used sparingly on tree trunk or specific house features.


  • Well: The fixture for these are actually buried in the ground. They cast a wide upward light. Good for highlighting foliage on a tree or a wall.


  • Downlight: Often mounted to a tree branch or trunk, these are used to create a moonlit effect on leaves and foliage. They can also be used to illuminate a patio, path, or outdoor living space.

Get Some Exciting Landscape Lighting Ideas for your Home!

We have a Pinterest board with many different ideas for landscape lighting applications. So if you’re thinking about landscape lighting, be sure to check that out and give it a follow!

Why Choose KG Landscape Management?

KG Landscape Management is your number one Minneapolis metro area landscape design and construction expert thanks to years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients. We will use our expertise to light up your dream outdoor space and make it shine. All of our executive staff is University educated in landscape design and construction. Our dedicated account management team is available 24/7 to clients, with a one hour call back guarantee. Get started today by requesting a friendly, no obligation quote.

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