Retaining Wall Design and Construction

Retaining Walls Built For Form And Function

Landscape retaining walls are functional elements that not only trace outdoor spaces with majestic stature, but add a rustic and charming touch to any property. They are also the perfect place for entertaining guests, planting a garden or creating an area for your kids to safely play.


If you need a retaining wall built for your Minneapolis home, then look no further than KG Landscape, a family-owned and operated lawn care and landscape design company, serving the Twin Cities area.


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Functionality of Retaining Wall Design in Your Landscape Design

Retaining Walls are particularly ideal for a landscape that needs a level area. The walls can create a perfect level area where children can safely play. In addition, the walls can provide a designated area for a pool or patio. What better way to entertain guests this spring, summer and fall with a fantastic new area to hang out, barbeque and have fun. The expert KG Landscape construction team will build the landscape of your dreams!


Aside from leveling a particular area, walls can also be used to terrace slopes. This allows for landscaped gardens and plantings to be assembled on flat areas. A retaining wall will give you the perfect spot to bloom beautiful tulips and trees this spring. Or, you can even put food plants in the ground, and enjoy corn or anything else all year round. It may even be the basis for your new patio!


For properties that are too steep for mowing, retaining walls can be built in order to create a grade that can be mowed more easily, on an area that is more accessible. Now, you can maintain your safety and not have to worry about tipping over and having a lawn mower tumble on top of you.

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Guidelines for Building a Retaining Wall

Certain landscaping design guidelines must be considered when building retaining walls. At KG Landscape, our executive team was college-trained for retaining wall construction and carefully plot every detail for your wall design. For instance, slopes should maintain a maximum proportion of 3:1 meaning, for every wall distance of three feet, the change in wall height should not go over one foot. If these guidelines aren’t followed, in a few months your wall could be sagging or worse – falling over and creating a huge mess.


When it comes to general wall height, the maximum would be four feet. Anything over that will just create an overwhelmingly massive border. That’s visually unappealing and harder to reach over in case you want to plant a garden or maintain your grass. Lush plants and flowers tend to soften these stone or concrete structures – so an adequate amount of space must be allotted at the bottom or at the top of the walls. By adding these organic features, this is a great way to complement the hardscapes incorporated within your landscape design.

As always, safety should always come first. A child or adult can easily fall over the retaining walls. It is therefore recommended to include a planting bed that is three to four feet wide. Ideal plants would be tall and wide evergreens such as Boxwood, Blue Holly, and Cherry Laurel. These will add a touch of beauty and shade, while keeping you and your children safe.


If you want to get really creative, we can even install a water feature, such as a fountain or babbling brook to increase the beauty and organic feeling of your retaining wall! You can rest easy knowing that KG Landscape is university trained and professionally skilled in retaining wall construction for Minneapolis clients.

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Materials Used for Retaining Wall Construction

For retaining wall materials, there is a plethora of varieties to choose from. Common ones would be decorative concrete block, brick, dry laid stone, concrete or the more expensive type, mortared stone. With all the choices, it may be tough to narrow it down to just one type of stone. KG Landscape will help you slim your choices down and pick out the best stone that fits within your landscape design.


In terms of design, either a wall cap can be used to finish off the design, which is more urban and sophisticated feeling. But if you’re searching for a more natural look, hanging plants such as Ivy can be planted on the top of the wall. We’ll make sure to match materials used in any walkways you have installed.


Are you suddenly dreaming of a well manicured garden enclosed with dreamy, fairy tale-like stone walls? Well, now you can wake up to your happily ever after with professional help from the Minneapolis Landscape Design and Construction experts of KG Landscape. We’ll turn a house into a palace in a few days – you won’t even need a glass slipper! Call us now for a consultation and enjoy witnessing your outdoor fantasies come to life.

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Building a Retaining Wall the Right Way

With even just a four feet high, fifteen feet long wall can hold back almost 20 tons of soil. With that amount of pressure, you’re going to want to build your wall the right way.


First, we’ll put an amazing drainage system in place. If we don’t, you may get saturated soil, which because of its weight may be the downfall of your retaining wall. KG Landscape takes the extra steps by using the best landscaping fabric, the right backfill and a huge drainage pipe to funnel the excess liquid. You may need to dig out some land in your yard before you start retaining wall construction. The depth you’ll excavate will depend on the wall and soil type, which KG Landscape will help you understand.

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When backfilling your retaining wall, we put in a layer of gravel, which allows the water to drain away once the nutrients are soaked through the soil. After that, we’ll shovel in the backfill as we build your wall. Adding it in all at once doesn’t let the soil compact properly, leaving you with a planter that won’t grow anything.

Start Your Retaining Wall Design Process Now

We use interlocking concrete blocks to build segmented retaining walls. These come in many textures, designs, colors and shapes, and can be built up to almost 20 feet. The professionals at KG Landscape will be there for you throughout the wall construction process to answer any questions you may have. We also offer free consultation and 24/7 account service. Contact us now to start building the landscape design you’re dreaming of!