Water Feature Design and Construction

Looking for a tranquil spot for reflection?

Water adds a certain tranquil and soothing effect to any landscape. It attracts birds and wildlife and is often the essential ‘finishing touch’ overlooked in completing your yard. If you really want to impress your neighbors and guests, think about installing a beautiful water feature, such as a fountain, waterfall, birdbath or pond.


As a Minneapolis landscaping company, KG Landscape has aided countless homeowners in determining which water features best suit their wants and needs. From fountains, to brooks, to ponds and waterfalls, we’ll install a water feature to put a little pizazz in your landscape design. Let us come by your property and give you a professional opinion on how your landscape design can be improved with an awesome water feature.

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Understanding Your Water Feature Options for Minneapolis, MN

KG Landscape offers a variety of options when it comes to installing water features in your yard. When considering the best use of water for your home, some things to consider are the size of the yard, the desired aesthetic and ‘feel’ you wish to create and the maintenance that the new system will require. Also, think about wildlife. A new pond opens up a number of options for getting aquatic animals, such as fish. It also attracts fun and interesting creatures, like frogs, salamanders and of course birds.


While the uses for water are countless, some of the more popular landscape options are:

  • Water Fountains
  • Ponds- Formal or Natural
  • Birdbaths
  • Waterfalls

A formal pond with a seating wall to serve as a bench can quickly become a favorite spot for relaxing, reading or just enjoying the sounds of a babbling brook. A natural pond and its picturesque beauty can provide magnificent views from close up or through the windows of your home. With a water feature installed in your yard, you’ll make visitors swoon at the site of your landscape design.


Regardless of which pond type you select, the additional plant species and birds that a pond attract introduce an entirely new ecosystem right into your own backyard. If you’re a bird-watcher or fish-enthusiast, a water feature is a must. You can pick up pond fish at your local pet store for a reasonable price, and of course attract birds with a bird feeder. If you have a family with children, then it’s great seeing your kids play in the water, hunting for frogs and exploring aquatic life. With our water feature installation services, you can bring peace, beauty and fun into your yard.


KG Landscape is Your Minneapolis Water Feature Professional

As your Minneapolis landscape professionals, KG Landscape Management can assist you through the planning phase and layout to the construction of your new pond, fountain, or other water feature to perfectly compliment and bring your landscape to life. We are family-owned and university-educated in landscape design and construction practices. We have a dedicated account staff taking calls 24/7 for clients, with a one hour call back guarantee. Each person on our staff undergoes rigorous background checks before they’re hired, while most of our staff has been with us since the very beginning. For a dedicated Minneapolis landscaper who will fulfill all your lawn care and water feature installation needs, Call (763) 568-7251 or click today for an honest, no-pressure quote.