Residential Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance

Weekly Lawn Mowing Services

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional Minneapolis lawn care company, you’ve come to the right place. We provide weekly mowing services at competitive prices that include mowing, string trimming, and blowing off your driveway and sidewalks each week. Our experienced crews having the training and experience to keep your lawn looking sharp all season long. We know that communication is key, that’s why you will have a dedicated account manager that can be easily reached when you have questions or would like to make a special request. Our crews use tablets with site maps of your property and any special instructions to make sure we remember the details specific to your property. So anything you communicate to your account manager will be easy to communicate to our crews in real time each week.


String Trimming

Included in your weekly lawn mowing service is weekly trimming around obstaclesWe will trim around trees, edging and hard surfaces as needed to make sure your lawn looks great.  It’s all in the details!


Clean-up of Lawn Clippings

After your lawn has been mowed and string trimmed, we feel that a little more cleanup is required. We use blowers to blow clippings left off the driveway, sidewalk, and curb lines back into your lawn so that everything looks clean and tidy before we leave. Blowing clippings off the street and back into your lawn also helps keep our storm water clean!


Spring and Fall Cleanups

Our lawn service professionals start and end each mowing season with quality cleanups for spring and fall. We use advanced bagging systems on our rider and push mowers, along with professional grade backpack blowers to clean leaves and debris out of even the most hard to reach places – leaving your lawn neat and ready for the coming season change.


We often couple our leaf removal with other lawn care services such as trimming, allowing for proper, symmetrical bush and shrub growth come early spring. If you want an immaculate lawn in the spring, you need to start in the fall. We are also available to remove dead and unwanted growth from perennials helping them come back full and healthy during the next growing season.


Curbline / Sidewalk Edging

Edging your residential curb lines and sidewalks is a great and inexpensive way to improve the look of your lawn. Our special edging equipment lets us create a perfectly clean-cut line between your grass and curbs, sidewalks and patios. Edging is an easy and inexpensive way to improve the value and beauty of your lawn.

Side Walk Before & After Edging

Fertilizer and Weed Control

Our fertilizer and weed control packages take the guess work out of a lush green lawn. Our applicators are licensed by the state and are ready for any questions you may have about problem and stubborn areas in your turf. We supply pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to keep your lawn healthy all year round. The preemergent product is applied in the late spring after grass has sprouted, and allows a lush green color to shine through, while restricting pests like crabgrass. We also provide spot treatment if you feel an area of your yard is being neglected.


Along with our fertilizer and weed control applications, we offer free advice on thatch management and watering guidelines to help get the most out of your landscape and our lawn care services.

Core Aeration and Over-Seeding

Core Aeration

Core aeration loosens your compacted turf, resulting in ideal conditions for deep root establishment. If you have compacted soil, your lawn isn’t receiving enough oxygen and water to grow as healthy as possible. This lawn care service ensures a lush green property by allowing necessary water absorption right at the roots, while freeing up space to let grass roots grow bigger. Aeration also increases your lawns ability to absorb nutrients while preventing unnecessary runoff or pooling.


Over seeding after aeration is the most effective way to seed stubborn turf areas, giving you the best chance for a thick healthy lawn next spring.  We offer a variety of high quality grass seed for over-seeding, carefully matching the newly applied grass seed with that of the existing grass in your lawn, and suggesting new varieties when beneficial.


Along with our core aeration and overseeding, we offer expert advice on lawn grading and other lawn renovation services.

Slit Seeding

This is THE BEST, least intrusive way to completely remake your lawn.

slit seeding machine turf renovation minneapolis

Irrigation Systems

We all know the importance of watering our yard, but without proper watering technique and a quality irrigation system, you’re basically wasting your money. Our licensed irrigation techs are available in the spring and fall for custom irrigation start-ups and blow-outs that fit your systems needs.


If you have any irrigation maintenance problems that you need addressed, our experienced team will help you understand the specification options and price points. Our technicians pride themselves on providing clients with a fast response time for leaks and breaks.


Bush Trimming

Most bushes don’t stay the exact size and shape we want, so trimming is needed. We typically provide bush trimming services to our lawn care customers twice per season. Once in the early summer after most bushes have finished flowering (we never want to trim off your flowers), then again in mid to late fall. Getting the shrubs cleaned up and looking good in the fall once they’ve stopped actively growing ensures they will be looking great next spring and won’t need early spring pruning that will damage flower buds.


We know the right and wrong way to trim all different types of shrubs. The diagram above shows a few incorrect ways to shape shrubs that will reduce the amount of sunlight received by the bottom half of the plant. Proper trimming helps all parts of the plant receive proper sunlight and ensures the longevity and aesthetic value of your bushes and shrubs.

Shrub Pruning

Shrub pruning is different from bush trimming and involves the selective removal of individual branches to improve plant health and vigor. As opposed to bush trimming which removes only the tips of branches. Bush trimming is usually needed two times per season, whereas pruning is needed typically only once every 3 years. All deciduous shrubs and ornamental trees will benefit greatly from occasional pruning. Pruning prevents plants from getting filled up with old non-productive stems and generally looking old and tired. A lack of pruning also reduces flowering, since most shrubs flower more profusely on new wood than old. Pruning removes the oldest and least productive stems to encourage new shoots to fill in that will look nicest and flower more. Pruning also helps improve the shape and look of shrubs by removing ugly and crossed branches. Shrubs can live a very long time and pruning will allow them to look and perform their best throughout their entire life. Many ugly bushes can be pruned into looking great again without a need to replace them.


Are You a Commercial Property Owner or Manager in Need of Landscape Maintenance?


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Our lawn services always starts with experienced landscaping professionals, dedicated to giving you the best quality result after every visit. We use state of the art equipment to ensure your lawn is always cared for with absolute precision and effectiveness.