Wood and Aluminum Fencing

Wood Fences in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Fences are an integral part of any backyard in Minneapolis and St. Paul. They give a homeowner the privacy they need to host guests and just enjoy their yard. They come in a wide variety of materials and we here at KG Landscape can handle any of them.


Wood fences have enormous benefits to any yard in Minneapolis and St. Paul. They keep your pet best friends in a comfortable, safe space. They increase the value and privacy of your home. The Western Red Cedar that we use is weather resistant and durable to any weather Minnesota can throw at it. Our designers and installers know exactly the right way to install the fence posts and panels to keep your investment standing upright for many years to come. We also know how to get the permits need to construct your fence and build it to code.


Minneapolis Cedar Fence Designs

Picket Wood Fence – A picket is a shorter fence primarily for aesthetic and curb appeal reasons. They are light and airy and add a very homey charm to any household. Just like all wood fences, there are a wide variety of wood panel patterns and shapes you can design.


Semi-Privacy Wood Fence – This type of fence is a mix of the picket and privacy wood fence and typically about 4 feet tall. It strikes a balance between giving you and your family privacy but also not completely walling off your yard. At KG Landscape, we’ve built numerous semi-private wood fences. They’re also exciting because you can add decorative top screens to the 4′ high fence panels.


Privacy Wood Fence – A privacy fence is extremely useful for privacy obviously. They are often 6′ tall but can be taller. They don’t have to be but are often a 4′ fence with a privacy panel on the top. As with other fence designs, there are a million different options for patterns and wood cuts and everything else.

Why Choose KG Landscape For Your Cedar Fence?

KG Landscape has the tools, experience, and design eye to create a beautiful cedar wood fence for your home or business. Installing a fence can be a “do-it-yourself” project but a project like a fence that can last forever should be constructed correctly. We install fence posts the correct way using drainage rock, concrete, and leveling them so they are the sturdy foundation.


The western red cedar wood that we use for our fences is perfect for a wide variety of applications. The wood material is easily shaped and cut into any pattern or style you’re looking for. The organic look of wood fences allow them to blend into a landscape but also stand out. If you check out our Pinterest Board, you can see a huge variety of styles for your inspiration!

Cedar Fence Minneapolis

Aluminum Fence Installation in Minneapolis

Just like many other wood features in and around a home, a deck needs lots of TLC. KG Landscape is here to help you with your deck re-staining and improvements. Every few years, a deck needs a refresh to keep protecting the wood and to renew the look of the wood. We use a wide variety of staining colors. We fix any issues with your deck, power wash off the old stain, and apply a new stain that will keep your deck looking beautiful for years to come.

aluminum fence installation minneapolis

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Constructing a fence, no matter what the material, doesn’t have to be a hassle. We can provide you with the privacy and safety you desire. Give our design team a call at 763-568-7251 or visit our free quote page to get a hold of us!