De-Icing: Salting and Sanding

Protect Yourself And Others From Dangerous Conditions

Many of us have been there at some point in the past where you’re walking up to a store. Maybe your hands are full or maybe you’re being really careful. Either way, you step on a slick spot and lose your footing. Landing on your tailbone and wrist is just never pleasant. On commercial properties, this can be a lawsuit waiting to happen. There are ways to prevent this from happening though!


KG Landscape Management offers salting and sanding services to de-ice your sidewalk or parking lot. We promise to keep your paved areas clear from that dangerous and frustrating ice!


Our professional, trained drivers put down the right amount of salt for your parking lot. We use satellite images to measure the square footage of your property, then tell our drivers to apply the correct amount of salt or sand.


Our sidewalk shoveling crews carry salt bags with them. After clearing the sidewalks with their man power, they disperse salt all over the sidewalk to prevent ice build up and melt any leftover snow.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Parking Lot Salted?

Parking lot salting is an affordable way to keep your employees, visitors, and yourself safe during the winter season. Our parking lot salting and sanding pricing starts as low as $147.50. The pricing is based on the size of the area that will be salted.


If you’re interested in getting a quote for your property, simply give us a call at our office 763-568-7251 or visit our online quote request form. One of our salesmen will get back to you in no time.

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Salting Equipment

We operate two different dump trucks specifically for salting or sanding applications. We also have one or two employees on call during the entire winter season to salt all of the clients who need it.


The trucks can hold over 3 yards of salt which can cover any size parking lot. The trucks are kept in working condition by our own on-site mechanic. Each truck has a hydraulic powered salt dispenser. The driver can control the amount of salt that comes out as well as how far the salt flies.


Our sidewalk crews use walk behind spreaders to ensure they are not putting down more salt than needed. The spreader also allows more control over the salt application so all areas of the sidewalk are de-iced.


We are dedicated to keeping your property safe and profitable.  By keeping your lot ice free you are keeping customers and preventing potentially costly accidents.  Our fleet of salting trucks are available 24/7  for 100% pure salt applications to eliminate ice and bring your lot down to pavement. Salt lowers the melting temperature of snow and ice to clear pavements and sidewalks. Spreading it correctly is an art and our drivers are trained in it.

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When the weather calls for it, we offer sand applications to give traffic added traction during slippery conditions. Salt does not work at temperatures below about 15° F. This is where sand comes in to help your parking lot. Sand provides traction for vehicles and your feet when traversing very icing stretches in the extreme cold. We mix our sand with winter salt to prevent the sand from freezing and clumping on your paved areas.

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