Commercial Landscape Design and Installation

KG Landscape Management is a leader in Minneapolis Commercial Property Design and Installation. Our designers are educated through the University of Minnesota and have many years of experience designing beautiful (and functional) landscapes for commercial properties. Our landscape crews are trained in all aspects of landscape installation and maintenance. This versatility allows our team to provide you, our clients, with the best landscape services in the Twin Cities.

Commercial Landscaping Design Minneapolis

Priority Landscape Areas: Entryways and Signage

We know that landscaping is important to any business. The standards and values that a proper landscape show to your employees and customers from the minute they arrive on your property is incredibly important. You want anyone coming to your property to know that it is a professional atmosphere.
In keeping with that projected image, KG Landscape and our team know that entryways and signage are the most important aspects to your landscape. Our designers provide strategic ideas to give your prime locations the most attention and let less important areas fade to the background.
From the second a visitor pulls in, to the moment they leave, they’ll know your business means business. Areas near prime signage in parking lots and roads get extra special attention with flowering plants. Entrances have different levels of plants that bloom at different times to allow for constant interest. We plan and install annual displays for pots right next to doors. In the prime locations, your business will look beautiful.

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Commercial Landscape Design Process

The first step in the design process is to get in touch with us. It’s really easy, just give us a call at 763-568-7251 or fill out or quick quote request. One of our sales team or our designer will get in touch with you and get a feel for what you need in your commercial landscape.
After talking over the phone, you’ll meet with our designer or sales team member in person. We will take pictures and notes to write up a proper design and proposal for you. Once you receive the proposal, our team is adept at using cost cutting measures if need be.
Once the design and proposal are approved, we’ll get your project on our schedule to be completed. We are usually about 2-3 weeks out from accepting of a proposal to getting our crew out to work on it. When the project is completed, you’ll do a walkthrough with the designer or sales team to make sure all aspects were taken care of.
After that, you simply have to enjoy your commercial landscape improvements and the standards that they project for your business. We are a full service commercial landscaping company so landscape maintenance and snow removal are also in our wheel house.

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Solving Your Commercial Landscape Issues

Is your grass dying every winter near your parking lot? Do your plants get covered by snow piles and fizzle out? Are your entrances not looking as professional and welcoming as you’d like? Is your grass looking a little crisp? Problems come up all the time on your property. KG Landscape Management is here to provide solutions to those problems.
Our team will work with you to find solutions to all your landscape and lawn care issues with beautiful but also functional ideas. Our designers have years of experience in their back pocket that enable them to find creative answers to your problems.
The wide  variety of skills and training our whole organization has allows us to solve a wide range of problems. Our team can install irrigation systems to keep grass and plants growing beautifully and healthy. Our fertilizer and weed control packages allow your turf spaces to dazzle with lush, green grass. The designs we produce and install take into account easy management and snow removal. The plants we utilize in our designs delightfully bloom at different times of the year but are hardy enough to survive tough Minnesota winters.

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Commercial Landscape Services Offered by KG Landscape:

  • Foundation Plantings
  • Annual Flower Pots
  • Irrigation Installation and Maintenance
  • Retaining Walls
  • Paver Patios
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Walkways
  • Water Features
  • Drainage Solutions