Outdoor Drainage is NOT a DIY Project (Why Hire Professionals)

Home and business owners are encouraged to add an outdoor drainage system to their property as it provides many benefits from preventing soil erosion and standing water to water damage and providing a healthy environment for your garden, yard, and landscape. While it may be tempting to complete an outdoor drainage project yourself, it’s encouraged to hire a landscaping professional. These individuals have extensive knowledge and skills to guarantee the job is done correctly. From expertise and advanced equipment and technology to quick repairs and convenience, leave an outdoor drainage project to landscaping experts, so your property has the design it needs.

Extensive Knowledge

Drainage systems are vital to the design and function of your outdoor spaces, and hiring a professional that specializes in drainage systems is a necessity. These companies have extensive knowledge, familiarity, and training when it comes to drainage systems, which allows them to create a design specific to your property’s needs as well as perform repairs quickly and efficiently. Drainage systems commonly experience blockages caused by leaves, tree roots, and more. Hiring a professional to monitor your drainage system is hugely beneficial as these individuals are thoroughly trained to alleviate the situation and provide guidance to prevent it from occurring in the future.

When choosing your outdoor drainage company, it’s encouraged to interview prospective candidates and have them visit your property thoroughly. You’ll want to find a company that offers various drainage design options and can see your property in the big picture. Contractors that focus on one problem and provide one solution may not be adequately trained or have the experience you’re looking for. It’s also essential to ask for detailed estimates as well as references. After your on-site evaluation, each landscaping company should provide you with an accurate estimate describing the work that will be completed and providing you with possible costs. Checking references is also incredibly important as you can discuss how other client’s experiences were with the company in question and if they would recommend them for your outdoor drainage project.

Advanced Equipment and Technology

Rather than doing your outdoor drainage project yourself with standard tools and minimal skill sets, a professional landscaping company will have the latest technology and tools to complete your project. Many landscaping companies stay up to date with their employees’ training and professional development courses to keep up with industry advancements, techniques, and changes. Equipment will be available to accurately survey your property above and below ground to ensure that your outdoor drainage design and system is working correctly. Here at KG Landscape, we have a variety of technology-driven outdoor drainage designs, and our contractors will help choose the best one for your property:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Rock Beds
  • Dry Creek Beds
  • Drain Tube Systems
  • Rain Gardens
  • Grading
  • Drainage Swales
  • French Drains


Fast Results

Hiring a professional landscaping company for your outdoor drainage system allows you to have any drainage issues repaired quickly. Upon employing a contracting team, these individuals will be available at any time to provide you with expertise and skill to promptly fix any occurring issues. Outdoor drainage systems benefit properties throughout the United States in various ways:

  • Soil Erosion: Rain causes soil in your landscaping and garden to be displaced to other areas of your yard, which is soil erosion. Over time, as more soil erodes, the soil depth changes throughout your property, causing extreme damage to your landscaping. Installing an outdoor drainage system will help keep your soil optimal for plant growth and keep excess water away from your landscape and foundation.
  • Standing Water: Having standing water in your yard is not only dangerous, but can damage your grass, gardens, and landscape. The longer water has the opportunity to pool in one area, the roots of your lawn and plants will be destroyed. Additionally, standing water can be a nest for mosquitos, vermin, and bacteria. An outdoor drainage system helps eliminate accumulated water.
  • Water Damage: During severe weather, water can flow through your yard very quickly. If homeowners don’t have an adequate outdoor drainage system installed, fast-flowing water can force its way through cracks in your foundation, which can cause damage to your home and allow for standing water in your basement.
  • Healthy Plants: Installing an outdoor drainage system on your property will help keep the right moisture level in your garden, yard, and landscape. There will be a lower chance of standing water, water damage, and contaminated water. Each of these can cause damage to your plants, grass, and trees meaning with an outdoor drainage system, your greenery will be in optimal health.

The professional landscape team that you choose for your outdoor drainage system will have staff on hand to help you with any issues that arise. From soil erosion and standing water to water damage and improved plant health, installing an outdoor drainage system is a homeowner’s necessity. However, it is recommended to have this done by a landscaping expert.

One-Stop Convenience and Expert Advice

Choosing one professional landscaping company for your outdoor drainage design, installation, and services is hugely beneficial for both you and the contractors involved. Many landscaping companies offer a variety of drainage services meaning all your needs can be met with one company. This is beneficial for homeowners because you won’t have to use multiple contractors for different problems or projects. It’s convenient to have one company familiar with your property, its unique elements, and how it operates. Additionally, all issues and past maintenance will be on file with the landscaping company you choose, so there will never be any gray areas or missed information.

Having a professional landscaping company design and provide maintenance for your outdoor drainage system also benefits homeowners because they always have expert advice. Many home remedies, DIY solutions, and chemicals are available on the market today to alleviate any issues that may occur. However, a landscaping expert will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure your outdoor drainage system is always running efficiently.