How Terracotta Pavers Can Set Your Yard Apart From the Rest

How Terracotta Pavers Can Set Your Yard Apart From the Rest

Terracotta pavers are one way to take your landscaping from basic to glamorous. While homeowners focus most of their attention on the home interior, your compound is equally important if not more.

The yard creates the first impression of the home at large and calls for investment. Choosing an unparalleled paver is a sure way of making your yard stand out from the crowd.

The term terracotta in Italian means baked earth or a type of earthenware that is clay-based in Latin. Each paver is made from 100% clay with varying hues of red and yellow clay― a feature that makes the material durable and able to maintain its natural beauty for decades.

Terracotta pavers on your yard will not only improve the overall look of your home, but also increase your property’s value by a high margin.

We’ll review how much more value terracotta pavers can add to your lawn and give you tips on how to care for your lawn to make the most out of your paver investment.

6 Benefits of Installing Clay Pavers in Your Yard

Terracotta clay pavers add a sense of hospitality and warmth to outdoor spaces. With various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, clay pavers can appear rusty, elegant, or traditional, depending on the theme of your exterior space.

If you’re thinking of installing terracotta pavers in your yard, here are more reasons to proceed:

1. Instant Curb Appeal

The first thing people notice when they walk into your property is the lawn and yard. You can easily improve the overall look of your home by installing pavers in your yard. What’s more, if you have a large compound, you can play around with the space by creating interesting curves using mixed-color pavers. It will make your home appear attractive and elegant.

2. Non-Slip Surface

Clay is skid and slip-resistant because of its highly abrasive characteristics and its natural texture surface. In addition, the feature makes them appropriate for installation in your yard because of the traffic. For instance, you can be at ease if you have children because there will be minimal accidents caused by slipping and falling.

3. Durability

Terracotta pavers are made of molded clay which is one of the strongest naturally existing elements. If you want value for money, that’s what terracotta pavers provide you. Although the initial cost of installing terracotta pavers is a bit high, they have unmatched long-term benefits. You only have to install them once and forget about them for life.

4. Increases Property Value

According to expert realtors, a well-manicured yard and landscape increase property value by up to 15%. Terracotta pavers are an investment that can last decades, thereby increasing the value of your property. Again, they create room for creativity by allowing homeowners to experiment with their patios and yards. For example, you can add an outdoor fire pit during winter without worrying about fires as they are much safer than wooden pavers.

5. Natural and Eco-Friendly

Clay is a natural element that improves the quality of the earth’s properties. So, even when they’ll break and disintegrate, they won’t pose any health and environmental risk. The feature further adds value to your home property as most people appreciate eco-friendly features in their homes.

6. Cost-Effective and Low Maintenance

Terracotta clay pavers do not have complex maintenance procedures. They only require minimal cleaning with soap, water, and brush, lasting for many generations. Moreover, they are recyclable and are easy to repair. For example, if a brick got damaged or stained, you will only need to lift the damaged paver, like a jigsaw puzzle. Compared to other pavers like asphalt or concrete pavers, they are very low-maintenance.

How to Maintain Your Terracotta Pavers

Generally, you should maintain any type of paver to provide you with years of service, and clay pavers are no exception. While they require minimal care, here are a few tips on how to care for your terracotta pavers to maximize their lifespan.

Remove Any Growing Moss or Algae

Homes in areas with lots of vegetation, either low-lying or trees, have a high possibility of mold growing on the paver surface or between the sandy joints. To prevent the growth of algae, ensure to install a drainage system on the edge of the pavers. Flat areas increase the chance of water retention, which can encourage mold or algae growth. Additionally, the areas with retained moisture can stain because of the stagnant dirt.

To maintain a pristine condition of your paver, ensure you use the right chemical treatments to inhibit the growth of algae/moss. Then, sweep your compound regularly to prevent dirt build-up on the paver surface.

Maintain the Joint Sands

Joint sand is an interlocking system used during paver installation, which provides stability by keeping the stones firm. This prevents them from shifting from heavyweight. Additionally, joint sands help in preventing the growth of weeds and water seeping into the pavers.

So, while cleaning, avoid high-pressure jet washing as it can remove the joints and weaken the surface’s integrity.

Regular Cleaning to Prevent Efflorescence

When a terracotta paver is continuously exposed to elements like snow and direct sunshine, it’s bound to have salt deposits that appear cloudy or white. They can either be on the surface or between the joint sands.

To clean the salt deposits, use a moist sponge to rub the surfaces. Notably, cleaning the surfaces with only water will dilute the salt, only for the salt deposits to reappear when the surfaces are dry.

Create a Unique-Looking Yard Today

Terracotta pavers are the answer to your desire to want a unique-looking yard. Again, they are not as common as most people think they are. Contact us to learn more about yards and landscaping and to get your terracotta pavers quote.