How Do I Get Some Privacy In My Backyard?

One of the biggest questions we get here at KG Landscape is how to add privacy to a backyard in Minneapolis or St. Paul. Many new homes are built very close to each other or with minimal landscaping installed so they need privacy. Another common scenario is that a client wants an upgraded patio and backyard space because they’re never used it before so they need more privacy. No matter the reason, here are 4 ways we have added privacy in a backyard.

1)Install a horizontal wood screen or trellis.

Wood screens or trellis are becoming a more fashionable way to block off a smaller area of a backyard like the side of an eating area or pool. The screen can be more traditional with beautiful cedar or have a more modern style to it with some tin or aluminum metal. These wood structures can also have some vines grow on them to soften them up and make them feel more natural in the environment. We installed the trellis and pergola in the picture below. You can see more examples of our wood structure work at our wood structure page.

wood pergola trellis screen privacy minneapolis2) Use some taller arborvitae or other plants to block the view.

There are a wide variety of plants you can use to add privacy to a small backyard an our best choice is arborvitae. These are tall, soft evergreens that grow at a slow rate but provide great natural blocking. Unlike many of the other suggestions here, the evergreens or other plants have the soft texture to contrast with a hard patio or wood patio. These plants can also be combined with other plantings to add interest and color to a beautiful backyard. 

arborvitae screen planting minneapolis3) Build a wood or other material fence.

This is the tried and true method of creating privacy. Fences are great for keeping little kids and dogs safe in a contained backyard. They’re also perfect for full yard privacy if the elevations are completely flat. However, some people don’t like the “boxed in” feeling you can get with high fences. Fences can also be pricier than some of the other solutions mentioned here. So it really depends on the elevation of the house and the usefulness of the fence. We’ve seen some really cool fences built out of more modern materials like aluminum or other metals. You can see some more examples of our wood fence work at our fence page.

Wood Fence St. Paul4) Use elevation (if you can) to keep eyes elsewhere.

By dropping your patio down below eye level or raising it up above eye level, you stop the natural progression of line of sight to give you and your guests more solitude. For example, in the photo below, the dropped own patio space allows smaller plants to be more screening. The lower patio also makes it so that any neighbors would only see from the waist or shoulders down. If a patio was raised up higher, a similar situation would be available. Now, this is much more expensive and oftentimes not really an option given a yard’s grade. But if it’s possible, it’s an awesome and unique solution.

sunken patio elevation privacy minneapolisFor any screening or privacy needs, go to our quote page online and let us know how we can help and we’ll be in contact right away. KG Landscape is a local Minneapolis/St. Paul landscape company that prides itself on providing full service landscape and lawn care to all of our clients.