How To Repair Dog Spots In Your Lawn

Having a dog is a joy that many homeowners experience. Dogs really are man and woman’s best friend. Unfortunately, dogs need to use the restroom and their toilet is your backyard. We get quite a few calls throughout the summer and especially in the spring about dog spots. To answer those questions, we wanted to share an economical and easy way to repair dog spots in your lawn. The pictures you see below were taken by the owner of our company, Kent, in his own lawn repairing his dog’s spots.

How to Repair Dog Spots In Your Lawn Economically

dog spot repairRather than buying dirt, heavily water the spots in the lawn to help wash away the urea. Urea is the chemical in the urine that kills your grass by over fertilizing it. Buying dirt and getting it into your backyard can be a hassle. Simply using your hose to heavily water and dilute the chemical can do wonders for getting the grass spot back in shape. 

dog spots repairedNext use a steel rake to scuff up the dog spot area a little bit. Scrapping up the dirt will allow new grass seed to penetrate. Apply grass seed to the spot. There are a wide variety of grass seed types to use but we prefer a sun/shade premium mix unless it is a heavily shaded area, then use shade seed. 

nice lawn st louis park mnYou can buy straw matting or other material to cover the new grass seed but there’s a more economical way to do it. Cover the spot with grass clipping from your lawn mower bagger to provide a seed blanket that will hold seed in place. The grass clippings also insulate the seed keeping them wet long after these spots are watered. 

And that’s it! Just follow those simple steps and you’ll fix any dog spots in your lawn. If you have any lawn care or fertilizer needs, be sure to contact KG Landscape by calling our office or filling out a quick quote form