Why French Drains Are Perfect for Minnesota Homes

Why French Drains Are Perfect for Minnesota Homes

Believe it or not, your drainage system can significantly impact your yard and even the maintenance of your home. When it rains, foundation and landscaping can be poorly affected by improperly drained water. Many Minnesota homeowners have to deal with flooded basements and water pooling in their yards after heavy rainfalls. One solution to fix this issue is to install a French drain. Read on to learn more about how French drains can significantly help your Minnesota home.

What Are French Drains?

A French drain is an easy solution that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It might sound fancy, but really it’s just a ditch in the ground that’s inset with a pipe under a layer of gravel. The tube works to funnel the rainwater away from where you don’t want it by depositing the water in a better location. In this way, the water stays away from your foundation and is directed to a rain barrel or municipal storm drain so that you don’t have to deal with drainage issues.   

French drains work differently than gutters, which collect precipitation from the roof of your home. Alternatively, French drains only deal with the water that’s at ground level. They work to reroute water so that you can protect your yard and foundation from unnecessary pooling. It’s crucial to let experts handle the installation because professionals are knowledgeable about the right drainage solutions for your unique situation. 

In some situations, an indoor French drain is needed to stop water from gathering in your basement. To install, a trench will have to be cut in the basement slab along the foundation. After, a pipe can be laid in the channel along with a sump pump to move water from the inside to the outside. 

Solve Problems With a French Drain

There are typically two main reasons experienced landscaping professionals recommend installing a French drain: water pooling in your Minnesota yard or basement. If you have noticed large puddles of water gathering in a low spot in your yard or have to deal with a wet basement every time there’s heavy rainfall, it might be time to install a French drain. 

Homeowners with a sloped yard will want to consider French drains. When placed in areas where water typically gathers, such as the low point of your yard, it can provide the perfect drainage solution for sloped yards. In rare cases, the French drain can be placed at the top or on the side of a slope if you’re dealing with specific drainage issues. 

The Best Draining Solution for Minnesota Homes 

Many Minnesota homeowners struggle with the problems that French drains can solve. Water often presses against the foundation, eventually leaking into basements across Minnesota. Plus, when the heavy amounts of snow melt in the spring, that can also cause water issues. Whether your yard or basement and foundation suffer, it’s time to explore drainage solutions such as the French drain. 

Property owners in Minnesota have to deal with drainage problems that result from:

  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Heavy rains and flooding in the summer
  • Melting snow in the spring
  • Snow and refreezing in the winter
  • Fluctuating temperatures 

Thankfully, KG Landscape is here for you. We have the perfect drainage solution to install in your yard and solve any issues you may be experiencing. 

French Drain Installation Process

If you’ve decided to install a French drain in your Minnesota yard, it’s essential to understand how the drain will work and what the installation process is like. You may be required to prepare your yard for the French drain installation, depending on your yard and the location of the drain. Here’s a breakdown of the installation process:

1.  You’ll have to clear the perimeter of your home or the area of installation. When you work with a landscape designer or contractor, they will take care of this step. Items that might need to be removed include:

  • Trees
  • Gardens
  • Porches
  • Steps
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Shrubberies

2. The perimeter of your home will be dug out to make way for the French drain. At this stage in the process, you might have piles of excavated dirt and other material to deal with while the installation takes place.

3. Next comes the drain! Contractors will lay the pipe in a bed of stone and sometimes a layer of filter fabric that protects the drain from clogging. 

4. The soil that was previously excavated will be “backfilled” on top of the system. Eventually, this soil will settle, and the contractor might return to place more soil on top. 

Benefits of Professional Outdoor Drainage 

You might be wondering, does my house really need a professional drainage solution? The answer is yes, more often than not. Most homes need proper drainage solutions to protect their yard and foundation. Without it, you could end up dealing with severe water damage and costly repairs, not to mention a yard with uneven spots or constant puddles. Additional advantages of outdoor drainage systems in Minnesota include:

  • Directing water away from the house and foundation
  • Avoiding basement puddles
  • Stopping ponds from forming in your yard
  • Warding off unnecessary erosion of your landscaping or yard
  • Providing a beautiful fix to a problem

Additional Drainage Solutions to Consider

If the French drain isn’t right for your property, homeowners in Minnesota can consider additional professional drainage solutions. Depending on what kind of drainage issues you’re having, a professional can recommend the best solution. KG Landscape offers the following drainage solutions that Minnesota homeowners can consider:

  • Retaining walls
  • Rock beds or dry creek beds
  • Drain tube system 
  • Rain gardens
  • Proper grading 
  • Drainage swales
  • Dry creek beds  

French Drains: The Perfect Minnesota Drainage Solution

If you want to install a French drain or one of these other helpful drainage systems, get a quote from KG Landscape today. Our experienced team of expert landscapers will help you solve any issues and protect your yard and home from future rain damage. Minnesota homeowners who are frustrated with water pooling in their basements or damaged yards due to rainwater should consider a French drain to solve their issues.