How to Pick a Snow Removal Contractor

Well, it’s fall now in Minnesota and the cold morning air is a chilling reminder that winter is once again right around the corner. With the well-above-average 69 inches of snow we received last winter here in Minneapolis, many commercial snow removal customers realized that their vendors didn’t have what it takes to keep with their snow removal needs.

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Whether you manage a commercial office building, apartment complex, or a restaurant, you know how much you stand to lose by picking a snow removal provider that won’t get the job done fast and reliably. Maybe you’ve tried several snow removal companies in the past few years and none of them seem to be any better than the last. I’m sure you’ve wondered, “What’s the deal? Are there no great commercial snow removal companies in Minneapolis? Are my expectations unreasonable?”

Well, after 10 years in the snow removal business with KG Landscape Management, I’d like to shed some light onto these questions, the industry as a whole, and how to find the best Minneapolis snow removal providers.

Let’s Start with the Challenges of Snow Removal

  1. Snow is completely unpredictable as to how much, what day, and what time it will fall
  2. The amount of equipment and labor needed to remove snow can drastically change for the customer’s parking lot depending on the depth of snow, timing, and yearly totals.
  3. Parking lots are typically in use during the day, making a thorough parking lot clean-up impossible until nighttime, when cars will be moved.
  4. It’s very difficult for snow removal businesses to find dependable employees that are willing to forgo a dependable day job and work solely on call day and night, all winter, with no guarantees.

The best snow removal companies are those that address the challenges above, have the correct amount of dependable equipment, real customer service staff in place, loyal employees who they can count on, and have not overbooked themselves. There are so many low-priced snow vendors that simply do not take these considerations into account nor build the cost of addressing these 4 primary core concerns into their business model. Cheap snow plowing providers must rely on longer plowing routes to make their money, and this plan backfires during larger snow events (greater than 6 inches) when a route that normally takes 12 hours to complete can take up to 24 hours for the same driver to finish, who will most certainly be late and dangerously fatigued. When a manager asks themselves how well is a snow removal company is addressing the 4 primary reasons to succeed listed above, it is pretty easy to see that many snow removal companies are set up to fail.

Make sure to read the 10 questions you should ask your commercial snow removal contractor.

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Find the Best Snow Removal Contractors in Minneapolis, Minnesota

To break the cycle of picking bad vendors, managers need to see where they went wrong in their decision making process, pick reputable companies that are built to succeed, and expect to pay more than last year for dependable service. A manager should ask a snow removal provider, “why will your employees be more reliable than our last vendors’, and how will you handle the big snow events more quickly than others?” as well as other questions that address the challenges listed above.

At KG Landscape Management we run a core fleet of 17 newer trucks and 3 bobcats, all of which are maintained diligently by our in-house mechanics. We have 3 account managers who work full time throughout the winter handling your customer service needs to answer your phone calls and return emails promptly. Our labor is provided only by our own employees, not sub-contractors. We also have a program in place that provides guaranteed hours to our snow removal operation employees so that they can afford to remain loyal to us throughout the uncertainty of winter. Our pricing schedules allow us not to dangerously overbook our routes, which gives us the ability to handle the big snow events and bend without breaking.


After KG Landscape Management’s 10 years in the snow removal business, we have built a reliable and sustainable model that allows us to provide great Minneapolis snow removal services for customers that need it. Our prices will be higher than those provided by companies that have not taken into account the infrastructure and planning needed to provide great service, and our many long lasting commercial client relationships have proven to us that we are reliably meeting their needs in a way that others haven’t. If you’re a commercial snow removal customer looking for a vendor that really is different from the rest, consider speaking with KG Landscape Management this season. Contact us via a hassle-free form, or give us a call at 763-568-7251.