Choosing a Driveway Design To Match Your Landscaping

You’ve got the grill fired up, a perfectly skimmed pool, and your outdoor kitchen is stocked with plenty of beverages. The only thing missing at your backyard barbecue is your guests. Your driveway is the first thing to greet your guests as they arrive. You already have beautiful landscaping all around your home, so why not have a gorgeous driveway to match? Impress your friends and family as they arrive at your home with a dazzling driveway design to match your landscaping.

What To Consider When Choosing a Driveway

Not only is your driveway the first thing people see when they visit or pass by your home, but it’s something you utilize every single day of the year. You need a driveway that withstands weathering and wears from daily use. When choosing the perfect driveway material for your home, consider the following:

  • Durability
  • Weather resistance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Installation cost
  • Size (width and length)
  • Use
  • Aesthetics

Once you’ve decided on the exact size specifications and uses for your new driveway, you can take a closer look at different driveway designs. There are so many unique materials, colors, styles, and shapes to choose from; you’ll easily find a driveway to exactly fit your needs.

7 Dazzling Driveway Designs to Match Your Landscaping

1. Concrete

One of the most common driveway choices is concrete. Many people love this material for its durability and lack of maintenance requirements. Concrete driveways that are installed correctly can last up to forty years. However, they’re not recommended for colder climates because they’re susceptible to cracking after driveway de-icing.

Best for:

Concrete driveways can be smooth, stamped, or laid in slabs. There are even instances where homeowners opt to dye their concrete driveway a crazy color. The material’s versatility makes it a great option to complement any landscape design. Just remember to avoid concrete if you live in a colder climate.

2. Asphalt

Another affordable driveway option is asphalt. Sometimes referred to as “blacktop,” asphalt driveways only come in the color black and don’t allow for any customization. However, they are easily installed in any shape. Asphalt requires additional maintenance throughout the year, but it’s easily repaired.

Best for:

Asphalt driveways are arguably the most common driveway type found in the United States. They’re a fantastic option for any home but often seen in suburban areas or at homes with more traditional landscaping.

3. Interlocking Pavers

The best driveway design to withstand harsh Minnesota winters is interlocking pavers. The interlocked stones allow adequate room for the material to contract and expand as temperatures fluctuate. Another fantastic feature of interlocking pavers is the range of styles and designs to choose from for your driveway. There’s an endless array of colorways and paver shapes and sizes as well.

Best for:

Interlocking pavers are perfect for colder climates. They’ll vastly improve your curb appeal and match any front yard landscaping with their sophistication and range of styles. 

4. Brick or Cobblestone

Some of the more expensive driveway design options are brick and cobblestone. These driveway options offer a classic, cottage-like feel and add tons of character to your property. When appropriately installed, brick can last for decades to come.

Best for:

Brick or cobblestone driveways complement a variety of landscapes. They’re great for giving off a cottage-like aesthetic or adding a sense of austerity to a sprawling, architectural landscape.

5. Gravel

Gravel driveways are incredibly cost-efficient and easily maintained. Since the gravel is loose, homeowners typically install edging around their driveways. They also allow for excellent drainage on large, sloping lawns.

Best for:

Gravel driveways are often found on rural properties with long-reaching drives. They also look fantastic at vacation properties or homes with a coastal aesthetic. 

6. Concrete and Turf/Grass Pavers

For a more environmentally friendly driveway, opt for concrete and turf or grass pavers. You can either install a grid-like pattern of small patches of grass or lay large concrete slabs with grass seeded around them. 

Best for:

Concrete and turf or grass pavers are great for climates where grass grows quickly. Although they look beautiful, they’re not recommended for dry or hot environments where the grass is difficult to maintain. These types of pavers best complement modern aesthetics and landscapes with native plantings.

7. Terracotta Pavers

If you’re looking to add a bit of exotic flair to your property, choose terracotta pavers. This driveway material is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The pavers are often laid in aesthetically pleasing arrangements. Terracotta pavers are easy to install, and the interlocking design allows for exceptional drainage.

Best for:

Choose terracotta pavers if your landscape is Mediterranean-inspired. The beautiful, deeply-hued orange and red pavers complement tropical and Spanish-inspired styles as well. Terracotta pavers are a perfect choice for warm and cold climates. 

Different Driveway Shapes

After you’ve decided on a driveway material to match your landscape, there is one final element to finish off the perfect driveway design: shape. There are several shapes to choose from for your driveway design, including:

  • Basic (straight)
  • Circular
  • Courtyard
  • Semi-circular
  • L-shaped
  • S-shaped

The most typical driveway shape is the basic, straight style. Circular driveways are a favorable option for properties on busier roads where it’s difficult to back out. 

Although they are less common, S and L-shaped driveways are useful in several outdoor applications. L-shaped driveways work well for homes that require additional parking spaces. S-shaped driveways are perfect for long, downward sloping drives. The courtyard style is a popular choice, especially for homeowners with expansive properties or large recreational vehicles to store.


Deciding on the perfect design for your new driveway can be a difficult decision. Luckily, there is a wide variety of options available to complement your landscaping beautifully. Whether your yard has a more coastal vibe, is inspired by the tropics, or contains plantings native to your local climate, there is a driveway choice for you.

Before you even think about design aspects, determine your budget and how your driveway will be used. Decide on the perfect length, width, and shape of your driveway; then you can consider choosing a pavement material.

Contact a landscaping professional to determine the best driveway style to fit your budget and needs. Someone with a keen eye for design can craft a beautiful, lasting landscape incorporating your new driveway into the existing natural elements.