Why Pavers Are the Best Option for Minnesota Driveways

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Why Pavers Are the Best Option for Minnesota Driveways

Driveway materials come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes—and most importantly, materials. With so many options available, it can be challenging to narrow down your ideal solution. These hurdles are especially true for more extreme climates like we have here in Minnesota.

Certain materials may look better on paper. They’re more affordable, easier to install, and quite frankly, they are what you know. One of those materials is concrete. However, this doesn’t mean it is without its flaws. Compared to pavers, concrete doesn’t hold up in the blistering Midwest cold. But there are certainly some pros and cons to consider when weighing the two driveway materials.

Concrete vs. Pavers

Your driveway is more than just a road to your home. It’s the first impression. While it may not seem like the most important decision, your driveway material will stay with your home for a long, long time (if installed correctly).

So, how do you decide what material is best? We’re going to look at the ups and downs of both concrete and pavers. It’s a good segue into the many benefits of pavers for our Minnesota climate.


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Probably the most appealing part about concrete is that it’s affordable. Depending on what climate you’re dealing with, maintenance may not be too difficult. Here in Minnesota, it can be difficult to keep in tip-top shape. De-icing is also a drag because you can’t use salt. If you do, you risk cracking and chipping. It’s also reasonably easy to install.

Concrete suffers because of the harsh Minnesota winters. As we mentioned, de-icing can be a nightmare, which means it can be slippery and even a bit dangerous. Other downsides include:

  • Complicated repairs
  • Stains easily
  • Limited designs
  • Easily affected by temperature


paver driveway

Pavers are an investment in your home. Not only are you leading guests onto your property with a pavement that they’ll remember, but you’re also increasing the resale value of your home.  Pavers also withstand the severe Minnesota winters far better than concrete (no cracking), and repairs are a breeze. You won’t have to dig out sections of your driveway, just individual pavers—which makes maintenance much more manageable. You’re not left with one standard look either, there’s a wide variety of paver styles and looks for you to choose.

Pavers are a bit more expensive. However, as we mentioned, this is an investment that could come back in full if you decide to sell your home. Some other potential cons associated with pavers are:

  • Pavers can loosen
  • More tedious to clean
  • Installation is a bit more challenging

5 Reasons Why Minnesotans Prefer Paver Driveways

We hope that our pros and cons list was helpful. We know that making the right choice about your driveway material can give you a serious headache. You want your driveway to last, and you don’t want to perform constant repairs and upkeep either. That’s why we compiled a list of the seven most popular reasons why a Minnesotan would prefer pavers for their driveway.

Curb Appeal

Let’s face it: pavers are more attractive than their competition. Concrete and asphalt are bland and overused driveway materials. If you want your property to stand out and have some character, pavers are a fantastic way to do it. If we presented you with a plain old concrete driveway and a beautiful stone paver driveway, which would you prefer? You would be lying to yourself if you didn’t choose the pavers.

More Styles

Pavers provide way more freedom when it comes down to style and design options. Your driveway has the potential to wow your guests. It’s a great way to welcome people to your home with a beautiful design. Pavers come in many different shapes and sizes as well, allowing you some autonomy with your look. Unlike concrete or asphalt, you’re not limited in your color selection either. With pavers, there’s an almost endless array of colorways. You have the freedom to add more than one for a unique aesthetic and design.

Won’t Crack

If installed by a trusted paving professional, pavers won’t crack. It’s what makes spending the extra money worth it. Not only are you saving yourself the time and money it takes to make repairs, but also peace of mind. Constantly worrying about your driveway making it through winter unharmed can be strenuous. We mentioned the effects de-icers like salt could have on concrete, but the temperature itself can cause concrete to expand and contract, which can also lead to cracking.

Simple Repairs

If you do notice wear and tear on your paver driveway, you don’t have to worry about a massive repair process. Unlike concrete, where damage causes you to remove and replace an entire slab, pavers are a much easier fix. You only need to replace the paver(s) in question and not an entire section.


One of the more scary aspects of living in Minnesota is the trip from your garage door to your mailbox in the wintertime. We’ve all either been the victim of a dramatic slip or seen one. They’re no fun. Not only do pavers have a harder time freezing over, but they’re also far less slippery when wet. If you want to save your tailbone the trouble, pavers are an excellent option for your driveway.

Your Ideal Driveway Solution

Pavers are your perfect solution here in Minnesota. From their incredible look and value to their ability to stand up to the Minnesotan elements, this driveway material is an obvious choice for homeowners.

If you’re interested in designing the ideal driveway for you, feel free to contact us! We would love to help! Request a quote today or contact us if you have any questions.